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Make Money Online by Selling Worms

Updated on March 11, 2016


Money can be made by selling worms and by selling worms online. The market is established, the customer base is in place, and product awareness is high.


Worms are purchased by fisherman.

Fishermen need bait. Thousands of different baits are used around the world but the most common live baits are minnows and worms. Some fisherman prefer night crawlers and others favor redworms. Either type of worm can be raised and sold directly to fishermen or to bait shops. Customers can go online and place orders for small quantities for one-day fishing trips or large quantities for restocking retail bait shops that are close to popular fishing areas.

Worms are purchased by people who compost.

Composting has become wildly popular as more and more people become concerned about their environment and their carbon footprint. Virtually any organic material can be composted; composting supplies are available online and through local home and harden stores. Both redworms and nightcrawlers greatly increase the rate at which material breaks down, essentially by eating it and excreting it. The excretions are called castings, but colloquially referred to as worm poop. The castings are a very good addition to rich soil that is formed in a compost pile.


Two types of worms are generally sold; redworms and night-crawlers. Redworms are comparatively the smaller of the two types, but each type is a viable product to raise and sell.

A redworm will eat up to 1/2 it's body weight daily. Customers who compost love the quick and easy efficiency of simply dumping in a few pounds of redworms and feeding them scraps from the kitchen table. Less material is entered into the waste stream and wonderful soil is the only by-product.

Night-crawlers are slightly larger worms. The name "nightcrawler" comes from the propensity of the little critters to lay out in the moonlight, looking for companionship. Particularly after a heavy rain, it's possible to catch nightcrawlers by quietly sneaking up on them as they recline in grassy areas. This is a hands-on activity that most people shy away from, which makes your business more attractive to them.

Adjunct Product Lines

Worm castings are also a viable product. The castings, when added to potting soil, provide a nutrient rich environment for growing. Your customer base includes urban planters who require a very rich soil for raising plants in pots or very small garden plots.

Shipping and Handling

Believe it or not, worms are reasonably resilient to temperature extremes for brief periods. Generally, if you're comfortable, the worm is comfortable. Shipping containers for the little critters are readily available online; don't try to fabricate your own custom packaging until you develop some experience in the business. No customer will be happy to receive dead or weakened worms in the mail.

Mechanics of Selling

A web site can be created that allows customers to browse product offerings and place orders. Any competent web site developer should be able to create an attractive site that does the job. Shop online for online developers. Many components are already available; there's no reason to start 'from scratch' with this type of project. Look for a web site developer that is willing to combine existing software products into a working site for you. Components such as the Shopping Cart, the database, and the product photo gallery are available individually and can be combined into an effective sales and marketing tool for your business.

Do a little research and select an appropriate domain name for your business. Advertise your site using these strategies.


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