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How To Make Money Online

Updated on July 23, 2017


I cannot guarantee that you will be able to make enough money to make a living by using Online Earning Opportunities. Each option is different in the way it pays and there is no guarantee that you will be paid at all.

With the financial climate being what it is and everyday normal jobs being a little thin on the ground, many people like you are looking Online for alternative ways to make money.

Over the past few years the number of websites that promise that you can make good money using them has grown exponentially. This has created a minefield full of scam sites and a few really good ones that work.

There are lots of different ways to make money Online. Some are more obvious than others.


There are lots of great sites where you can write articles and make money from views and advertising. All you need is some decent knowledge of any subject and Google Adsense.

Making Videos

This can be a great earner if you have the skills and knowledge to create great, interesting Videos on subjects people want to watch. YouTube is a great platform for wannabe film directors and you can earn money quite easily with the right content.

You can also intergrate your videos with articles to make even more money.

Ad Clicking

PTC sites are abundant on the Internet. These sites can be great but you need to visit them a few times a day. They are very monotonous and can become boring after a time.


Selling your unwanted items on Online Auction sites can help make you some money. However you can only make money as long as you have things to sell.

This is a great option if you make things that people might want. It can also be used in conjunction with the writing option. You can write a review of an item you are selling and link it to your listing.

There are other selling sites where you can create designs for things like phone cases and t-shirts and sell them to others that visit the site. There are also sites where you can sell digital prints of any images you have created.

There are also some great sites where you can sell E-Books this is a great way to expand your money making escapade if you decide to follow the writing route.

Research Is The Key

Research is the key to navigating through the Minefield that awaits you as you start your journey into what could be a great opportunity to make money.

Don't just start with the first site you come across as it could quite easily blow up in your face.

Take your time finding and looking at all the different sites on offer. Spend time reading reviews of the sites to see what others experiences of those sites are. You will find that every site will have mixed reviews. Not every site suits everyone and with lots of scam ones out there its best to take note of what others think.

Tread Carefully

Once you have spent time researching the sites its time to try them out. Choose a few sites and sign up.

Start building up your earnings and aim for the cash out point. I would recommend starting on sites with a low cash out threshold then once you have cashed out and got your money look at the bigger and better sites.

If you have chosen the Online Writing route test your writing out on several sites. You will have to write a different article for each site so as not to get kicked off for plagiarism. However doing this you will be able to see where your writing skills are best used. The sites with a low payment threshold often don't have the best writers on them but you will be able to cash out regularly.

If you cash out and they don't pay you in the alloted time then contact them and move on. The legit sites will always pay you within a certain amount of time.

My Recommendations

I write here on Hubpages and post videos on YouTube. I sometimes link the two together. See link below.


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