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Making Money from hubpages

Updated on February 10, 2021

Have I Made Money From Hubpages

Have I made money from hub pages??? That's the question most new people to hub pages ask, well yes and no is the answer but back to that later.

I must admit and most people probably won't that I joined to earn a bit of spare cash and make money with HubPages and I'm not ashamed of that but what I found was that when I got started I really enjoyed writing.

I found that by writing in my spare time about topics I enjoyed and knew about it came really easy. Did I make money in the first 6months??NO...I think I made about $1.50 in the first 6months and had a good 10 hubs or so.

It was only when I gave up trying to earn from it and just wrote to chill myself out after a hard day at work that the rewards started to come.

My personal recommendation would be to start writing because you enjoy writing about topics you are knowledgeable in not too make cash. But it is entirely possible to make money from HubPages, and lots of it.

The Last 6 months!!

In the last 6 months and with an extra 15 hubs or so I have seen my earnings from AdSense creep up from about $2.50 a month up to about $4.50 a month and is slowly increasing.

I know, I know it's not gonna make me able to retire but it is improving and my aim is to be up to $10 a month before the end of the year and perhaps up to $100 a month by the end of next year and with some quality writing I don't see why that is not possible.

So in answer to the question am I making money from hub pages the answer is yes I am but not a lot, it takes dedication and a true desire to write good articles.


Im going to offer some advice on how to do well with AdSense and how to achieve earnings on HubPages that increase steadily instead of these fake I make $100,000 a week adverts.

One of the better tools available out there is googles keyword tool it is a programme that allows you to enter any word or phrase and it will show you how many times that particular word or phrase has been searched for on google over the past month and all the words that are similar.

I will put the link to it under my links page. Pick topics that not only you know about but topics that are popular, I found that out the hard way, For example, I know a lot about repairing cars as I am a mechanic but when I did an article on how to gain more mileage from your car I got 28 page views in 6 months.

However when I did an article on the ten top tips for success on UFC undisputed the video game which had just come out I got 2630 hits in 2 and a half weeks. Knowing what is popular it works.

Try tracking your best hubs to see how many hits your getting and where they are coming from, its good to know your audience.

Stick with it

Stick with it. you will reap the benefits eventually, you won't be able to quit work but an extra few hundred dollars would help would it not.

Write what you love and know about and the AdSense earnings will come.

Update On My Hubpage Earnings

Well, 18 months after I first published this hub and I have finally started to make some real money, now my AdSense earnings have changed from dollars to Pounds as I am UK based.

My hubs have risen from about 30ish up to 147 and I am now earning from AdSense alone upwards of £60 a month plus about £30 a month from eBay and same again from amazon so in total.

I am now over £100 a month which is more like $160 if you are in the US. Good luck to the rest of you reading this and remember making money from hub-pages is possible.


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