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A Motivational Hub

Updated on July 15, 2012

Everyone needs motivation

That's right everyone needs motivation,when you cant be bothered to do any more work but some one tells you a motivational story it helps,it really does.What this hub is about is how i started at the bottom of the ladder like most of you and how, now with a little hard work and perseverance i am now starting to see the earnings roll in, don't get me wrong im not driving a Ferrari or living in a sumptuous pad in the Hollywood hills, I'm talking about some small earnings that are getting larger and larger every month, which in itself is motivational.Also i can not tell you the right way to go about achieving this as i am not an expert in SEO (search engine optimisation) nor am i a wizard in achieving very high traffic.Essentially like the vast majority of you out there i am a normal bloke who would like to increase his or her earnings, and anything i have learned has been from reading the forums and listening to people with more experience then me such as Mark Knowles or Nelle Hoxie.I will share some of what i know and how i approached things in the hope that for those of you who are only seeing a few pence or cents in there AdSense account it will give you inspiration like some of the stories in the forums did for me.

Cash Money

How it started

How did it start for me?.Well i have always fantasised about working online,no getting up and commuting to work just get up and get on the computer,it might seems like a lot of peoples worst nightmare but i like it.I was surfing online when i came across Hub pages (cant remember how)and i thought "lets have a look" i decided having just come back from Australia that i would make my first hub about that,so i wrote about where is good to go in the city i had visited and good things to do.I then followed that with a few hubs about weightlifting and bodybuilding as i have a good knowledge base in that,then i lost interest a bit and drifted off to some other sites for a few months and kind of forgot about Hub pages.I came back to it and checked and had earned a couple of dollars and thought hang on i haven't done nothing except leave my articles for people to read.So  then made a conscious effort to increase my writing and concentrate on what people in the forums were saying,so i got semi serious.

Writing,checking and learning

Writing,checking and learning

I had my wedding in July of 2009 so as that took up a lot of my time i couldn't devote so much to Hub pages so i didn't get much writing done,During my honeymoon whilst laying on a beach in Mauritius i came up with a few hubs mainly to do with the ufc (ultimate fighting championships )of which i am a huge fan and have extensive knowledge of.upon my return to the UK i wrote about 8 hubs on the ufc and varying aspects of it and linked them all together,by this point i was enjoying my writing and not really doing it for monetary gain.I did however have a bad habit of checking my AdSense account every day and still do if im honest.Trust me don't do it,if you do anything keep a record of how much you earn from AdSense,eBay and amazon each month,i do and it only helps motivate you further when you see the figures rising.Like i have said before i am not an expert in SEO or know how to get traffic,what i do when starting a hub is have a good idea about what to write then think of a good title and go to google keyword tool and enter the title into it to see what it churns out and then pick some of the best words to use as my keywords.I then make sure that i try and hit 800 words or more but no more than 1500 as i think this would put people off,who wants to read an essay!!!.



I know, your thinking "well you have prattled on now for almost a thousand words and i am still none the wiser about how much you make"?.Well listen it didn't happen overnight and its not a lot of money....Yet!! i started earning a dollar here and a dollar there,then they changed the monetary system to pounds and pence because I'm from the UK.Now with 59 hubs and maybe 9000 hub views a month I'm getting roughly 15-20 pounds a month or 25-30 dollars a month to you U.S guys and gals that's between AdSense, amazon and eBay. Now your surprised...You were expecting me to say 3-400 pounds a month right? Well no, but i will,To me people like Nelle Hoxie and such like, have proved that with hard work you can earn $1000 a month or more,They are the motivation for people like me who are earning a bit of cash,and i should be the motivation for people like you who are earning virtually nothing.

Bottom line, read the forums,write good content and learn, learn, learn,ask questions to those more experienced they dont mind.Success will come to those that are patient.

Update: i now have 122 hubs and am making roughly £70-100 a month which is $109-$156 it steadily grows and will continue to do so.


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    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 7 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      very interesting hub, like you say you have to learn all the time, never ever think that you know everything as we can always learn more. Good hub.