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Making money without a website or blog

Updated on March 26, 2011

How to make money without owning a website or blog

Welcome to this hub on How to make money without owning a website or blog.Here we would discuss about how can you make money without owning website or blog.

Lets summarize what we are going to see :

  • Affiliate programs
  • Article writing
  • Freelancing

1.Affiliate programs :

You can make money from affiliate programs .Here you can get money when the user whom you refer make a purchase.You can sign up for a good affiliate program and promote it using PPC programs like Google AdWords.

Google Adwords help bring in targeted traffic to the affiliate site that you are promoting.

You can also check out this hub on Affiliate marketing explained.

2.Article writing :

There are some sites which help you earn money by posting articles in them . The best example is hub pages.

Some sites pays you using revenue sharing option.Some pays you based on how well your articles are performing.There are others which pays you a flat rate for content.

You can also sell your articles to bloggers for money.This is a good business model.

3.Freelancing :

Join freelancing sites like , etc and get freelance jobs.

You can search for a job which suits you and bid for them.You can view and take up jobs and get paid.

These 3 methods are excellent for earning money without having your own website or blog.

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So that was our hub on How to make money without owning a website or blog . Hope it was useful. Please do leave me a comment.

Are you making working online ?

(atleast 100 dollars each month)

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