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Making money from a website by choosing the right keywords

Updated on June 23, 2011
Use keywords to make money from your website
Use keywords to make money from your website


If you are reading this page it can only mean one thing – you want to find out how to make money writing articles online. After all why would you even be bothering with finding the right keywords if you were not trying to figure out how to make money writing articles online? Well, let us jump right in and find out about how keywords help us make money online.

What are keywords?

Keywords are words that show the whole idea behind an article. For example, the keywords for a site about earning an income from writing articles online would be ‘make money online’ , ‘earn money online’ or ‘write articles and earn money’ etc. These are words that people who were looking to read about your topic would be searching for.

What are good keywords?

Good keywords are those that can directly fit both your topic and the search that people would be making online to get the exact information that you have included in your article. Therefore in the previous example, a person is more likely to go to Google and search for ‘How to make money by writing articles online’ rather than ‘money online articles writing’.

Therefore the first thing you should do when searching for a few good keywords is to put yourself in the readers’ place and think ‘What would I search Google for if I were looking for articles about earning an income by writing online?’ That way you can write an article to directly answer your readers’ questions and that gives you a higher ranking in Google’s eyes.

Google keywords optimization

And that is another thing – Google. The king of the search engine jungle is without doubt Google. And if you write online articles for websites like Hub Pages you will have to play by the king’s rules. And that means you will have to abide by the laws laid out by Google to gain favor, which is turned into traffic and then into clicks and money.

So, if your keyword is say ‘how to make money online’ and you are driving traffic to your site that is irrelevant to the ways of earning an income on the web, Google sees it as a misdemeanor and your page will sink into the ranking abyss. Therefore you have to make sure that your keywords and content are on and about the same topic.

How to find keywords – Google Keyword Tool

The most popular way of finding keywords is by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This is a free tool that allows you to grab a keyword, compare it with others and most of all let you guess whether or not you have a shot at getting any traffic out of it.

To use the Keyword tool just go to the website and enter a word (a phrase is better) related to the topic you want to write an article on. Fill in the Captcha authentication letters and click on ‘search’. Google Adwords keyword tool will then give you a list of words or phrases that are related to your topic. Sort the result table by clicking on the title of the ‘Global Monthly Searches’ or ‘Local Monthly Searches’ -depending on the audience you are aiming to derive your traffic from. Doing this sorts the table in the descending order of global or local searches that have been made using the corresponding keywords on the far left (first column) per annum.

One thing you need to take notice of here is that the higher the number of searches the higher the competition there is to serve it – and this means unless your article is very, very, very good you do not stand a chance of competing with the thousands of articles that are out there. On the other end there are the keywords that offer less competition - which reads as a higher chance of driving traffic to your site using those words.

Now, once you know how many people have searched for that particular phrase, you must decided on which one (or ones) you want to include in your article. And this is where you need to make a wise decision. Make sure you choose keywords that are:

-          Relevant to your topic: they should have direct relations to what the site is all about. Otherwise people will just keep bouncing off of the site.

-          Not too high on the list: the higher they are the more competition there is, and the less chance that your site will ever be seen.

-          Not too low: the lower the keyword is on the Adwords tool table the less it is in demand. These are usually keywords that people rarely look for.

Therefore choose a keyword that is somewhere around 3/4th of the way down the table. (Make sure that the table is showing all the keywords by increasing the number of rows that are displayed).

Once you have selected a couple of keywords, just go ahead and build an article around it. And that is it – you have one more trick, a very important one, for making money from a website.


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