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Mobile Marketing Strageties for Success

Updated on December 12, 2011
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We know that mobile marketing is exploding in growth. For a business to stay competitive they must develop effective mobile marketing strategies. The most important thing a business can do to be successful in mobile marketing is to plan their mobile marketing strategies. Follow these steps to launch an effective campaign.

Create Your Marketing Stragety

  • Define Goals: What do you hope to accomplish with your mobile marketing strategies? Is the goal of your campaign to sell a product or service? Do you want to find leads or subscribers to your ezine or news letter? Set specific and measurable goals for your mobile marketing strategy.
  • Research Your Market: Understand your market before starting a campaign. It is pointless to advertise supplemental Medicare insurance to adults aged 18 to 25. However adults 55 to 65 will be more likely to be interested in hearing about the benefits of supplemental Medicare insurance. Your mobile marketing strategies should take into account the interests, needs, and social habits of your target market.
  • Business Presence:What medium will you use to present your business in your mobile marketing campaign?You can choose from placing QR codes, Near Field Communications, and SMS marketing.To choose an effective campaign, take into consideration what your goals are and what interests your target market.If your target market is fond of online newspapers and magazines you may consider placing QR Codes as well as your SMS messaging codes for opt in SMS messaging.Placing QR codes in print media makes finding you website easy.
  • What is your Message:Define what your marketing message is. A clear message is critical to the success of your mobile marketing strategies.Determine the tone of the message.You want your target market to become motivated to take action on your call.Incorporate the tone of your message into all of your mobile marketing messages.
  • Analyze and Optimize:Part of your mobile marketing strategies should be to analyze and optimize the data you receive back during your marketing campaign.Mobile marketing strategies allows for instant analysis and optimization of data.This data can be used to tweak your mobile marketing strategy.

SMS Messaging in Mobile Marketing Strageties

If your business uses SMS messaging it is important to only use mobile numbers who have chosen to opt in to your marketing campaign. Currently, 95% of text messages are opened within five minutes of being received. If consumers are over run by spam or unwanted marketing messages, they will stop opening text messages as often.

Those consumers who have chosen to opt in to your SMS mobile marketing strategies are looking forward to receiving your texts and special offers. These are people who want to return to your place of business and are just waiting for a good reason to do so.

Text marketing to opt in consumers offers a very high return on investment for businesses. Texts cost no more to send out that sending an email. Texts are opened and read, on average, within five minutes of being received while emails can go days without being opened and are sometimes deleted without ever being opened. Adding SMS Marketing to your mobile marketing strategies will likely prove to be a wise investment.

By following the simple steps above, your business will develop an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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    • ambrking profile image

      ambrking 6 years ago from Encino, California

      Great article. This is really helpful to those who plan to venture into mobile marketing.