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QR Code Marketing Ideas

Updated on December 16, 2011

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QR Code Marketing Ideas
QR Code Marketing Ideas | Source

QR Codes are growing in popularity. This growth is due in part to the large amount of data and different types of data that is stored in a small QR Code. It’s no surprise that QR code marketing ideas are working their way into mainstream marketing. The encoded data can direct customers to many resources instantly. This can include product websites, YouTube videos, audio instructions, and product offers and coupons. This instant information can help build brand loyalty and increase sales. Lets explore QR code marketing ideas and uses.

QR Code Marketing Uses

  • Product Details: Customers can gain more information on your product by scanning a QR code. This code can not only direct customers to your website but it can direct them to a YouTube video of the product in use.
  • Coupons: When a customer scans a code, they can be directed to coupons or have the coupon downloaded onto their phone.
  • Event Details: By scanning a code, a client can be instantly directed to event details.This can include a website, address, and directions to the event.
  • Social Media: A code can direct a customer to your social media page such as a Facebook page.They can then “Like” your product or site.The customer can also be directed to sites such as Twitter or MySpace.

QR Code Marketing Ideas

  • Business Cards: One QR Code marketing ideas is to add a QR Code to your business card. This code can be scanned and the contact information can be used as a V Card instantly storing your contact information into your customers’ data base. It can also include a link to your business website.
  • Scavenger Hunt: A fun QR Code marketing ideas is to place a code on products a customer is interested in. The code leads the customer on a scavenger hunt to find other products and accessories that go with the original product.This fun game will get the customer to view more products in the store and increase the chance the customer will purchase additional items.
  • Real Estate: Codes can be used on real estate signs so that prospects can scan the code and get access to the Realtor's contact information and details of the property for sale. Using this QR Code marketing ideas a prospective buyer can all the property's location to a map and me directed to the Realtor's website.
  • In Retail Space :Place codes next to products.Using this QR Code marketing ideas, a customer scans the code they are directed to a YouTube video showing the product in use, its features, and accessories. Or the customer is directed to the products website, the stores website, or even an audio clip describing the product.
  • On Product: QR Code marketing ideas are important when a code is placed on a product.The code can be scanned by anyone with an interest in the product.If a friend has a product you like, scan the QR code on the computer and be directed to a web site with information on the product and where it can be purchased.
  • Stickers and Decals: A popular QR Code marketing ideas is to place your QR code on stickers, decals, and bumper stickers. These stickers can be place on a laptop to allow people to find a social media page, or your companies website quickly. Puting a code on a bumper sticker or decal is a simple way to guide interested people to a bands website or to a popular restaurant or an events site.


QR Code marketing ideas are almost limitless. QR Codes can be placed on products, signs, and magazines and even T-shirts! These codes can lead customers to informative sites to get product information, coupons, or directions to businesses or events. Marketing with QR Codes is sure to get product and brand information quickly to the consumer.

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