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Mobile Oil Change Business: Stocking Inventory

Updated on September 9, 2011

Starting your own mobile oil change business can be a very profitable experience. However, getting started in the onsite oil change industry often involves lots of wasted time and money during the trial and error process of determining how much inventory to keep in stock. Knowing how many oil filters to keep in stock and knowing which brands are reliable and most requested are crucial in making your mobile oil change business successful. The following instructions for how to stock your inventory and recommended brands are recommended by Timesaver Oil and Lube, a manufacturer of mobile oil change systems.

Here is a typical stocking procedure for an onsite oil change company.

Pennzoil Oil Filter Recommended Stocking Procedure

Pennzoil Filter Type
Quantity on Truck
Quantity in Warehouse
PZ 1
PZ 5
PZ 7 
PZ 10
PZ 19
PZ 21
PZ 27
PZ 29
PZ 30
PZ 33
PZ 34
PZ 39
PZ 42
PZ 45
PZ 47
PZ 49

 You will also need to keep these items on hand:

Drum of 10W 30

Drum of 15W 40

Case Dextron III

6 Gallons of Anti-Freeze

Case Brake Fluid

6 Gallons of Washer Concentrate

1 Bag of Shop Towels

10 Grease Cartridges


 Here are the recommended supply brands based on customer requests and reliability.


Transmission Fluid

·         Citgo

·         Mobil

·         Valvoline

·         Castrol

·         Warco



·         Prestone

·         Zerex

·         Peak

·         Dow Chemical

Brake Fluid

Any manufacturer is acceptable provided “DOT 3” type is used.


Any manufacturer is acceptable provided “White Lithium” or “Moly” type is used.

Windshield Washer Concentrate

Any manufacturer is acceptable


· Pennzoil Motor Oil

· Castrol Motor Oil

· Valvoline Motor Oil

· Quaker State

Oil Filters

· Pennzoil

· Purolator

· Wix

· Valvoline

· Champ

· Fram

Air Filters

· Pennzoil

· Purolator

· Wix

· Valvoline

· Champ

· Fram

Wiper Blades

· Roberk

· Pylon

· Trico

· Anco


Tools and Accessories

Any replacement tools and/or miscellaneous tools should be purchased at stores that offer a lifetime warranty.

Replacement pumps, tanks, reels, and air compressors can usually be purchased from the manufacturer of your mobile oil change unit.


It is recommended to replace the van every five years to ensure a professional appearance of the business. Ford and Dodge sell the most suitable vans for the business needs.

Regular maintenance is recommended to extend the life of your van and equipment. Maintenance should be done as follows:

The Van: oil, lube, and filter- upon delivery, first 500 miles, and every 3,000 miles afterwards.

Air Compressor: oil change every 50 hours or bi-monthly.

Aluminum tanks can be polished periodically with aluminum polish and cleaner.



Following these guidelines will get you well on your way to making money in the mobile oil change business. Some people spend months or years trying to figure out how much inventory to order and what brands are requested and needed most. Following this guide will eliminate much of the trial and error process for you.


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    • profile image

      andre mack 

      6 years ago

      It's funny I statered a mobile oil business eight years ago before I heard about timesaver. However I didn't have the setup they offer. I would love for someone to contact me and discuss some business. Let it be known I am very interested in trying it again,but more professional.


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