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Most Expensive Jewelry on the Internet

Updated on September 6, 2012

Reasonably Priced Expensive Jewelry on the Internet

It's not only celebrities in Hollywood who look for the most expensive jewelry on the internet. To some surprise, the majority of celebrities also look for the most expensive reasonably priced jewelry on the internet. Celebrities seek out the most expensive stones in order to stay competitive with other top celebrities. Famous celebrities always search for good deals and often purchase the most expensive best quality jewelry. Often, Jewelers in Hollywood mark up the price just to entice Celebrities to purchase any ordinary stone, ring or necklace. Celebrities do seek the internet to buy jewelry to avoid paying ridiculously marked up Jewelry from various Jewelers looking to cash in on fame.



This beautiful Sapphire diamond looks similar to the hope diamond on the movie Titanic. Very elegant and priced to satisfy anyone who knows something about a perfectly rated gem. Its a steal if your looking for that perfect Clarity of VS1 or VS2.

Metal Stamp: 18k

Metal: Yellow Gold

Gem Type: Sapphire Diamond

Stone Weight: 11.88 carats

Clarity: VS1-VS2

Other Beautiful Sapphire Diamond Options



Most famous celebrities are interested in jewelry that is different from the rest. Engagement rings come in all different kind of styles. This 14K White Gold Diamond Engagement ring is unique in many different ways.

Metal Stamp: 14k

Metal: White Gold

Total Weight: 5 Grams

Stone Weight: 1.48 carats

Clarity: I1

Stone Shape: Round


Certified Diamond

This absolutely beautiful certified round stone diamond of 5 carats is a internet steal if your searching for that perfect diamond on the internet. If you are a diamond collector, then you are the one to know the real value of this precious gem. If you are a Jeweler and are looking to make a profit trading stones, this is a beautiful stone that will make you money.

Stone Shape: Round

Carat Weight:5.02 carats

Color: E

Clarity: IF

Measurements: 10.84 X 11.0 X 6.84 millimieters


Certified Diamond

A precious certified emerald stone diamond that has a carat weight of 8.75, finds its way onto the internet and stands out from the rest. Beautifully cut and ready to be sold and added to that unique collection.

Stone Shape: Emerald

Carat Weight: 8.75 carats

Cut: Good

Clarity: IF

Certificate Type: GIA

Measurements: 13.57 X 9.7 X 6.83 millimeters


6.98 ct engagement Ring

A very uniquely different engagement ring with a white and yellow gold combination. This style ring can make it easy for anyone who wants to mix match any of there jewelry. It is different and therefore this kind of ring would standout on anyone who wears it.

Clarity: VS-1

Cut: Radiant



A beautiful 6.15 carat white gold engagement ring. This engagement ring is stylish and set with a round stone diamond that glares from a mile away. If you are a jeweler and enjoy trading jewelry this is the right choice for a great price.

Metal Stamp: Plat-950

Metal: Platinum

Material Type: Diamond:

Gem Type: White Diamond

Stone Weight: 6.15 carats


4 carat Diamond Engagement ring

A beautifully shined white gold round stone diamond engagement ring that is polished to perfection. Give the women you love this precious stone to wear for a lifetime.

Marquise Engagement Ring 2.40 Carats

A stunning Marquise cut engagement ring that can be seen 100 yards away. Imagine standing on a football field near the goal post and seeing this diamond shining on her finger all the way across the field. If the light is at the right angle you will see the diamond sparkle like nothing you ever seen before.

Metal Stamp:18k

Gem Type: Diamond

Minimum Color:E

Clarity: SI VS


Japanese Okoya Pearl Necklace

Akoya pearls have been worn on the wrists, neck and ears of women since the early 1900's. These beautifully cultured pearls come from the salt waters of Japan. Triple A Pearls are absolutely stunning to any individual who has personally viewed them.

1.01 ct Total Weight Round Diamond Earings

A Christmas gift, Anniversary gift or Valentines day gift. Stunning diamond earrings with a 1.01 total ct weight can be seen from anywhere. Give your loved one the gift to remember for a lifetime. 


Expensive Jewelery

Internet Jewelry Purchases

Searching for Jewelry on the internet can sometimes be overwhelming for almost any consumer looking to make a purchase for a great deal.  Its never easy searching for that diamond jewelry with a reasonable price.  Trusted sources such as "Amazon" do have a selection of many different kinds of jewelry. 


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    • tlpoague profile image

      Tammy 6 years ago from USA

      I love the sapphire jewlery. This was an interesting hub to read. I use to shop on ebay for some of my jewlery, but after a few bad bites I moved on to other sites. Thanks for sharing this information!