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How Motivation Affects Leadership

Updated on April 7, 2012


I myself have worked for a few international brands and I have been under many different types of managements. The fact is it is always hard to lead people or staffs. One of the most important factors in leading other staffs or your co-workers is through motivation. In this article, I will be explaining all about motivation and how do you motive others to work towards the same goal.

How To Start Motivating?

Do it with them

Let me be really frank here. No one wants to work under a leader who is all about talking but no action. If you want to motivate your staffs, you got to get up and start doing it with them! Tell them that you are there for a reason and whatever situation you guys are in, you are doing it with them.

Failure happens

When the department or section stumble upon failures, thank your men. Tell them thank you as they have work for it. Regardless of it was a success or failure, it is all God’s willing. Motivate them by telling them work or try harder the next time. One failure is not the end of the world. When failure happens, give them a short break (maybe allowing them going back half hour earlier to rest) and the ‘war’ will continue the next day.

Don't Forget To...

Appreciate your staffs

Appreciation is vital in motivating and leading a team. If your men are doing well, treat them for dinner or even happy hours. Tell them that you are happy with their jobs and achievements. At the same time, do not allow them to put a full stop there. Celebration is one thing and working on the next project (for example) is another.

Be their friend in times of need

At times, we just got to have the human touch. If you see your staffs are down or feel de-motivated, talk to them one to one and ask if they have problems. You might not be able to solve it but it is always good to have a listener. Staffs will feel more motivated if they know that their leader care for them.

Motivation leads to success

When there is no movation...
When there is no movation...


Uphold justice

Staffs need to know that you are not taking sides. Regardless if the person is your best friend or enemy, you have to treat every one of them equally. Simply by showing them you are able to differentiate work and play, they will be more motivated to work well under you. Taking sides will just show others that you are a weak leader.


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    Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

    Dear TroyM,

    Thank you so much for the comment. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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    TroyM 6 years ago

    Good information on Personal Development...