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Employer Branding: What is it?

Updated on January 3, 2018
Employer Branding: Attracting Talent..
Employer Branding: Attracting Talent..

This term in the Human Resource Universe coined not more than a decade ago.

The concept has given companies a new strategic dimension which takes them to what they emphasize and focuses today more than ever before: Employs are the real assets.

I have dedicated a complete series of articles on this.

Inside The EB Series

 The series gives answers to questions as

  1. What’s EB?
  2. What’s the Philosophy behind EB?
  3. Why is EB important for my business?
  4. Do strong company brands matter?
  5. How can I make my company’s brand strong?
  6. What a weak brand costs?
  7. How can I strengthen my EB?
  8. How to design an EB campaign?

Employer Branding: The Definition

‘The dream job’, ‘the best place to work’, ‘employ’s paradise’, every day or two you come across these words. These words refer to those companies’ EBs.

EB is simply

“The image of your organization as a ‘great place to work’ in the mind of current employees and key stakeholders in the external market (active and passive candidates, clients, customers and other key stakeholders).” (Minchington, 2005)

Now, close your eyes and think about the company you always dreamed of working in.

• You may open your eyes now •

So, what makes it so special? Their work environment! They actually care for their employees (they do and not just talk). Whatever makes it stand out of the ‘crowd’, it definitely enjoys a strong Employer Brand; a clear advantage over other companies.

Is this one of those selling and markeing topics?

I can sense your antibodies are fully active and have started to tickle your anti-selling-and-marketing senses. Employer Branding does sound like a marketing concept, and yes it does carry typical marketing principles such as segmenting, target market and so on. However, Employer Branding is not a 100% marketing thing, I believe EB is a bridge between Marketing and Human Resources. So, it is fine to tell those ‘antibodies’ to ‘calm down’, have a ‘chill pill’ and simply ‘relax’.

Final Words

Employer Branding is a must for today’s businesses. Your powerful brand will help you attract talent as a magnet attracts metal, the most interesting thing is that you won’t have to consciously engage yourself in those ‘recruiting’ stuff; Your brand will do the initial hard work for you.


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    • NNazir profile image

      Nauman Nazir 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Nazir1988 - Thank you

    • nazir1988 profile image

      nazir1988 7 years ago from chennai,india

      nice hub

    • NNazir profile image

      Nauman Nazir 8 years ago from Pakistan

      hafeezm-Thank u for stopping by..

      Organizations need to hire the brains to perform well in the current economic conditions & immense competition. Therefore, it's now become necessary for them to build a talent brand that'd work as a magnet to attract the best.

      This is important to achieve three:

      1. Hire the Best.

      2. Lower Costs.

      3. Ultimately perform at/near the optimum.

    • hafeezrm profile image

      hafeezrm 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Nice and thought provoking. Libby Sartain, in her book Brand for Talent, has highlighted how organizations can build a talent brand in order to attract their most critical talent segments to come to work.

      Thanks @NNazir for sharing.

    • NNazir profile image

      Nauman Nazir 8 years ago from Pakistan

      RedElf: The article in this & other series r waiting for their turns...

      Thank you

    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 8 years ago from Canada

      Thanks - I look forward to more great informational hubs form you.

    • NNazir profile image

      Nauman Nazir 8 years ago from Pakistan

      stars439-Thank you

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Very informative article. God Bless You.

    • NNazir profile image

      Nauman Nazir 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Zubair Khan-Thank you for your precious comment

      I'm glad that I m behind making someone a regular reader of hubpages...Here on, We really work hard to provide you with information you need and in the way you want. You are our audience; you are the people..

      As far as the PhD thing goes, I m not a PhD :) simply am an MBA in Marketing and HRM...

      My advice for PhD students: initially Google was a PhD project now it's a multi-billion dollar company. Your PhD project can give the world another multinational.

      If you think you can, you can.

      With Love,


    • profile image

      Zubair Khan 8 years ago

      Mr.Nnazir i must say that in this short span of time im become ur real fan,just because of ur informative article and for ur ceative work, i become a regular reader of hub pages just because of u...kindly tell me from which desipline u did ur PHD?? and can u provide ur expertise to the PHD students...???

    • profile image

      Adeel Aleem 8 years ago

      great men... doing business on hub pages...lolz..;)

    • NNazir profile image

      Nauman Nazir 8 years ago from Pakistan

      Malik Tahir-Thank you v much for your valuable comments..

      I can give u my words that I will Inshallah write on Inventory Management....but can't promise u when...

      At present, these websites will Inshallah help your cause..

      Search Inventory Management in

      you many also search videos on Inv Mgt on

    • profile image

      Malik Tahir 8 years ago

      Thats a great Hub?

      Very informative........

      especilly the way U describe the points are very impressive.

      Sir, can U plz write some thing on Inventory Management. ????