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How National Security Agency Careers Pay You Now

Updated on October 8, 2018




NSA provides the majority of intelligence in the USA. It encompasses everything from signal intelligence to science to analysts. It is a diverse work environment that is mission focus with cutting edge technology not available to the public. The NSA offers a unique opportunity to individuals who wish to serve their country while making a difference to make the world a stronger safer place for all.

NSA Recruitment

Why the NSA?

NSA protects national security and clandestine security. It is a stable work environment encouraging a safer world for all. NSA also offers Intelligence Analyst development program to develop its own assets within the agency. They also provider school internships and leadership opportunities.

How do you get into the NSA? It is easy. There are recruiters all over college campuses looking for bright individuals who will fit into NSA. NSA welcomes a diverse work force and encourages advanced education, training and foreign language training. NSA holds its own career fairs but is also readily available at college fairs.

Why Work for NSA?

Good Will Hunting

Although this movie was entertaining it is far from accurate. NSA usually isn't interested in highering janitors although NSA is liberal enough to accept all walks of life. And while NSA provides national security and foreign intelligence they are not usually involved in over throwing countries and impoverishing the citizens of their own country or creating disasters.

NSA has a bit more finese than what is described by Good Will Hunting but that is a source and methods argument that isn't appropriate for the this Hub.

If you want a secure job in which you will matter and the ability to move up in your career. The NSA is for you.

You can readily make application at Best of Luck!!!

Intelligence Community

As a person who has known people working in this group in the 1970(s), I have to say they are not a bad group. They have objectives they must meet so step out of the way. Other than that then organization that is currently our intelligence community involved in domestic spying is not a legitimate organization. I would hope the old guard would be present and measure intelligence against their use of force on civilians. There is not a legitimate reason to spy on American citizens.

Honestly, corporate espounage is typical. It is expected. It is a legitimate practice in the intelligence community. Just as industrial psychology is used to program workers to work themselves to death. Snowden opened a lot of citizen’s eyes to cling to their Constitutional Rights.

Intelligence agencies have legitimate purposes overseas.

National Security begins with enfranchised United States citizens not ones that are preyed upon by intelligence communities. The White Cave (SeeAristotle’s reference) is collapsing and the occupants no longer have legitimate function on USA soi.

With that being said, we still have some great citizens working in the intelligence community that we all can be proud of. It is a harder path to do the right thing versus the easy thing. This conflict will be present in every difficult decision you make.


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