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Careers with the FBI

Updated on August 2, 2011

FBI Careers

The most influential agency tasked with defeating crime inside the United States boarders is the Federal Bureau of Investigations or the FBI. In previous years the FBI was most notably known for its behavior Sciences Division which was responsible for tracking down serial killers. John Douglas is a rather famous FBI pro filer for which I believe the book Silence of the Lambs is based.

The New FBI

The FBI has expanded it scope of responsibilities from fighting domestic crime to fighting crime in the Homeland. And while behavioral profiling is still a key component of the FBI its mission has been diversified to protect the homeland from outside the boarders of the United States. The FBI is on the forefront of fighting terrorism throughout the world.

FBI in War Zone

FBI Special Agent Recruitment

Keeping America Safe

If you want to make a difference and keep america safe then a career with the FBI might just be for you.


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