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5 New Business Ideas for 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012

Unique business ideas - Low cost business ideas

In order to make some serious money, you need to identify new and unique business ideas for 2013. This is a great tactic because ideally, you want to start a business that no one else has thought of so that you can gain from low competition and establish yourself as the market leader before other businessmen realize that you are onto something. This is even more important given that the US and other global economies are still sluggish. The following are some of the latest low cost business ideas for 2013. I hope you find these new business ideas truly unique.

New Opportunities Created by Groupon & Other Deal Sites

Groupon is soon going to be in the enviable position of being the company that hits a billion dollars in profit in the shortest time ever. No other company has grown its revenue as fast as Groupon has done. The Groupon business model is so sound that even its closest competitors such as Living Social are reporting similarly impressive figures. The growth of the daily deals and social coupon industry has led many savvy businessmen to come up with unique business ideas related to this industry. The Groupon Income System is one such business idea. This business model takes advantage of a loophole that Groupon, Living Social and other major social sites are yet to close. The capital outlay is very low and the returns are phenomenal.

Gourmet Dog Treats Business

Weird as it may sound, this is a fantastic new business opportunity. There is was a furore in early 2010 about how dogs were getting sick and dying due to the amount of preservatives and other toxins in dog food. The opportunity to sell your own home made dog treats is massive. Over 60 million households in the US alone own at least one dog. The home made dog treats business idea is easy to learn and low cost.

Childproofing Service

The average home can be quite dangerous for a baby. The number of annual child deaths related to accidents within the home is enough to spook any parent. Many parents today are prepared to pay an expert to child proof their house and make it safer for their kids. You will need some equipment, tools as well as some basic information on where most dangers in a home lie. Amazon has some great books, such as the Babyproofing Bible by Jennifer Bright Reich and many baby proofing devices you can supply to your customers. The total cost is under $2, 000 which includes liability insurance. With a bit of innovative marketing, you can easily get contracts to baby proof the houses in your location and charge a monthly/quarterly fee for maintenance/inspection.

Internet Marketing Personal Tutor

Many people are extremely interested in making money online but do not know where to start. The large majority of the population is largely ignorant on how to run online marketing campaigns for their businesses. Learn everything there is to know and then teach entrepreneurs everything you have learnt through personal coaching. Many small business entrepreneurs are ready and willing to pay someone top dollar to teach them all there is about Internet marketing. Once you are armed with the information yourself, design a course and market yourself in your area. You could easily charge up to 100 bucks an hour. Three clients a day over one month netts you $9, 000. Start-up costs are minimal.

Haul Junk!

Did you know that most homes are overflowing with junk, and, people simply have no time to get rid of it. Unwanted junk in homes ranges from old worn out/damaged furniture stored in the garage, to old car tires, old clothes, carpets and even cutlery. This is a low cost business idea since you only need to hire a truck every time you get a client. The job pays very well (around $80 an hour) and you will easily get clients from with a professional Craigslist ad.


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  • homesweethomebiz profile image

    Millicent Perry 

    8 years ago from Columbus, Ga

    I am a business idea junkie. Love this hub!


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