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Top 20 Internet Female Entrepreneurs

Updated on June 20, 2013

Online Business Ideas

Are you looking for an online business idea? If you need to get some inspiration, read this article and find out what the top 20 female Internet entrepreneurs (in alphabetical order) have been up to. Let me know if I have left anyone out of the list.

Amanda Marcotte


Amanda Marcotte runs, a blog that focuses on American politics and feminism. Described by leading publications as provocative and filled with profanity, her blog is widely popular.

Angela Benton

Venture: &

Angela Benton is an African American online entrepreneur. She has built an enviable portfolio of sites focusing on new media and technology since 2007. The flagship site is Angela has advertisement contracts with big names such as BET, AOL and NBC.

Alexa Andrzejewski


Alexa Andrzejewski owns and runs the unique, a website that helps people find out where they can enjoy a specific type of food. The site has an iPhone app that has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Arianna Huffington


Well known in media circles, Arianna Huffington is a syndicated columnist and author. She co-founded in the 1990s. It grew to become one of the largest online news sites. She recently sold it to AOL for $315 million dollars. Huffington remains the president and editor-in-chief.

Ashley Qualls


Ashley Qualls is a 17 year old American Online entrepreneur from Michigan. She began her website,, as a hobby in 2004. The website mainly provides HTML tutorials and MySpace layouts to young people in her age group. Ashley boasts of big ad clients such as Verizon Communications.

Caterina Fake

Venture: &

Despite a lack of technical IT skills, Caterina was one of the first entrepreneurs to appreciate the power of web 2.0. She started in 2004 and a year later sold it to Yahoo for $30 million. Later in 2009 she launched to leverage on the newly discovered power of crowdsourcing. currently enjoys over 2 million page views monthly.

Catherine Cook


Catherine Cook began at the tender age of 15. The website now has over 3 million members spread out in all corners of the globe and annual sales are in the seven figure range.

Cyan Ta’eed


Envato is the brainchild of Cyan Ta’eed and Collins Ta’eed. They founded the company in 2006 and are based in Australia. Envato operates online marketplaces for digital goods as well as a large network of educational blogs focusing on creative skills.

Eileen Gittins


Eileen Gittins co-founded in 2005. Blurb is a POD (print-on-demand) publishing service. The site’s membership has grown in leaps and bounds with revenue reported to be in the seven figure range.

Elaine Wherry


Elaine Wherry and Sandy Jen co-founded in 2005. Elaine holds a Degree in Symbolic Systems while Jen holds a Degree in Computer Science. They are both alumni of Stanford University. Meebo is a browser based instant messaging service with over 200 million users.

Erin Jansen


Erin Jansen is an online entrepreneurship veteran having run, an award winning website, since 1994. She has also authored the book, “NetLingo: The Internet Dictionary", one of the foremost authorities on Internet terminology.

Gina Bianchini


Gina Bianchini co-founded in 2005 together with Marc Andreessen. She served as CEO until March 2010. Before founding Ning she worked at CKS Group and Goldman Sachs in various positions. currently enjoys 65 million unique monthly visitors.

Mena Trott

Venture: MoveableType, &

Mena Trott and her husband founded Six Apart Inc in 2001. Through this company they developed several blogging platforms which have proven highly popular with the masses. The most popular of this is TypePad.

Rashmi Sinha


Rashmi Sinha got bored of working in a lab and made a leap of faith in the tech arena. Her first venture was Uzanto Consulting which then saw her launch in 2006. Slideshare is hugely popular with the academic community where members can share work and make comments.

Gina Trapani


Gina Trapani is a well known blogger, writer and web developer. She is best known for her blog, Lifehacker, which she launched in 2005. In addition to running this blog, she also co-hosts popular net casts and has published three books. In 2009 she was named as one of the Most Influential Women in Technology by Fast Company.

Heather Armstrong


Heather Armstrong runs the witty blog She explains that the name was derived from her persistent failure to spell “dude” correctly during Internet messaging chats with co-workers.

Justine Ezarik


Justine is a 27 year (as at 2011) old Los Angeles Internet entrepreneur. Her career was launched after she made a video about her 300 page iPhone bill from AT&T in 2007. Her videos on now receive more than 25 million views monthly.

Lisa Stone


Lisa Stone founded in 2005. The site has a reach of over 15 million women through online visitors, publishing networks and conferences.

Natalie Sara Massenet


Natalie Sara Massenet grew up in Paris before returning to Los Angeles in 1976. She launched, a women’s fashion goods website, in 1998. In early 2010, she sold her shares in the business to Richemont, a Swiss Luxury Goods maker, for an estimated $77 million. She is currently working on a similar venture for men.

Penelope Trunk


Penelope Trunk has written about careers for most of her adult life. She has a keen interest in the lives of people vis-à-vis their work. Her blog,, enjoys thousands of daily visitors.

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