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New Grad Emergency Department Nurses

Updated on September 5, 2015

New Grad Nursing

I recently graduated nursing school this past May. I passed boards and began working my dream job as an Emergency Department Nurse. Not many hospitals hire new grad nurses for their emergency department, but I think it is an excellent idea for hospitals to hire new grads. We have an excellent head of knowledge coming straight out of nursing school. We know the textbook perfect patient care. Now, I know textbooks are not real world, but they are the foundation of “why” we do things as nurses. This is why we utilize experienced nurses on better ways to care for patients. Right out of school, we are also a fresh set of eye’s to the department. We see things some experienced nurses don’t. Especially on ways to help patient care as well as how to make the environment better. Some patients don’t want a new nurse because we “don’t know what we are doing,” when really, we are very knowledgeable. Most experienced nurses who have been working for many years are becoming burned out. The emergency department is an easy place for this to happen quickly, especially when it is busy year round. As a new grad nurse, I am excited about going to work everyday. I’m excited to learn new things. Trust me, no nurse knows everything, but those that are willing to ask can go a long ways.

Starting off in the Emergency Department can be frustrating at times, but if you know what a sick patient is and you can ask for help, you will be a superb nurse. I utilize experienced nurses to help me because I know they have more knowledge and experience than I do. They are my resource and they may know tricks around certain obstacles and how to deal with specific patients. I know I am still learning as a nurse and have a long way to go, but this is just my beginning.

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