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Niche Keyword Selection: How to Brainstorm

Updated on May 21, 2012

When searching for keywords that are going to be successful for your business you do not want to go too broad or too narrow. If, you choose the most popular keywords that cover your niche then your business will not rank high and the likely hood of getting visitors goes down. However, choosing too specific keywords that do not get many search results will hurt you. So, you want to be able to find a happy medium in the middle with the keywords that are a direct reflection on your website.

How do you Find your Niches

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When you are, creating a website or marketing campaign for your business then selecting the best keywords is going to be a lot more successful in getting traffic to your site. Choosing very specific keywords for our business will result in more sales, more visitors, and more relevant leads. So, brain storming about those keywords is essential before starting any type of campaign.

When you search for keywords you are running into a lot of conflicting opinions on how to do the proper research for your niche. However, they all do have one thing in command that is that they are very solidly making all keywords in your list be thoroughly researched. Here, are some great steps that you can take to get the perfect keywords picked out for your website.

Prepare a List of Keywords:

The best way to prepare a keyword list is to first search out these keywords. There are many different tools tout there that you can use that will help you in selecting the best keywords for your business. Of course, the first thing to keep in mind is no one knows your business better than you does. So, the best way to start with a keyword search is to think about what someone would be searching for to get to your business. If, you can take a few moments and put yourself in the place of the searcher you will be doing much more in getting targeted traffic to your site then any keyword tool can give you.

Choice of Specific Keyword Phrases:

The best keywords are going to be those that are specific to the searchers. Avoid using the broad key phrases that are in your niche there is just already too much competition and yours will get lost. Use the specific key words and use them in phrases that people will search for. This will greatly affect the targeted traffic to your website that you are searching for.

Avoid Selecting Highly Competitive Keywords:

When you are, using tools like Google’s keyword search tool. You will be giving other detailed information to help. For example, when you search a keyword in the tool it can provide you the amount of monthly global and local searches. This information can then be broken down into how competitive it is in the market. If, you have chosen some specific keywords for your business instead of the broader terms you are in a much better position, to compete for traffic from larger websites.

Say No to Broad Keyword Phrase:

If, your ultimate goal is just to increase traffic with your campaign then using very broad terms will do that. However, it is common that, with higher traffic, you may not get the conversions you are searching for. If, this is the case always avoid broad term keywords. So always stay within as precise context to your website and business that you can. If, you do then your campaigns will cost less, traffic will be better targeted, and you will have more sales. Foundation of a successful online business stands on the intelligent selection of niche keywords.


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  • greatstuff profile image

    Mazlan 5 years ago from Malaysia

    Good and informative advice. Voted up and shared.

  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    I say... Choose good keywords first and then create your site and domain name around them.