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Night Jobs Taking Its Toll

Updated on September 4, 2010

Night jobs are a prevalent and popular job option with the modern youth. With the changing outlook of the modern generation and the increasing requirements, value for money seems to be diminishing by the day. The multinational companies and corporate giants introduced the concept of night jobs that comes with a high pay scale and now it is a well established industry.

There are a wide range of jobs operating in the industry. Some companies allocate separate shifts for the night. Employees come to office at night or late into the evening and work at night like regular working hours. But some companies recruit less number of employees. As a result they have to extend their working hours and stretch their duty till late night.

Night Jobs Stress

This is taking a toll on the heath of these workers. A good night’s sleep is very important for proper functioning of our body. However with a disturbed routine, the metabolism and other physiological functions are greatly hampered.

It is equally bad for the mental health of these employees. They are deprived of any leisure. Monotony of work leaves them with no energy or zest for life. Working late into the night these employees sleep all day and are too tired to engage themselves in any hobby or recreational activities. Family ties are loosened as they have no time to spend with their family. However the pay scale for these jobs is pretty high which forces the employees to stick to these jobs withstanding all the difficulties.

There are a wide variety of night jobs available presently. The BPO sector is the leader in this aspect and employs a large section of the youth. Audit jobs, night shift jobs in factories and some government offices and other part time night jobs employ a huge urban section as well. Although widely accepted, night jobs are increasingly becoming hazardous for the physical and mental health of the people employed in such jobs.

Beware of Job Scams


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