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Now master and learn the benefits of the power of the principles of leverage in life and business

Updated on January 19, 2012
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Leverage to expand your means and maximize your ends

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Archimedes - Mathematicianand inventor of ancient Greece, 280-211bc

Leverage is a very exceptional productivity enhancing technique that can be applied to any endeavor where we need to succeed. It simply asks the question: “How can I increase my level of success, speed and time in the achievement of my objective?” Hence there is the need for us to get intentional and strategic in the use of leverage in every part of our lives: personal and professional.

Leverage principle if understood can be applied literally into different things – thoughts and ideas, information or data as well as people.

For example you can expand your means by learning from other people’s thoughts and ideas from books. Gain access to wide range of information from sourcing information from libraries and applying the information as new knowledge. Develop better understanding about your self and hence giving you the ability to develop rapport in your relationship with people. You need the power of network of people because the value of a network has been is linked to the number of people in it. Your ability to master leverage is keen to your success in life.

Understanding leverage system

I read an interesting article on the power of leverage by Brad Gillies ( In the article he reasoned that there are three parts to leverage.

The Dream

The Fulcrum

The lever itself

The Dream – This is the objective that you intend to bring into reality. The most successful individuals focus on a dream that advances humanity, it adds values. Therefore you need to ask the hard question: “What is the value or objective of my idea?”

The Fulcrum – This is the second part of the leverage system that you are building. It refers to YOU! You are the object upon which the lever pivots, without you there is no height t to the lever and the objective will never move no matter how much force is applied to the lever. Perhaps we need to borrow some inspirations here from the advice of Warren Hilton on resolve in attacking business problems is to have: the right mental attitude. You need to have the courage and confidence that what you are desiring to establish will succeed.

The lever itself – This is the third aspect of constructing the leverage system. When the objective and the fulcrum are in place, success depends on the length and strength of the lever. The two key words here: the length and the strength of the lever are important of note. It is important that the lever is strong and long for the following reasons:

The strength of the lever is important because less force will be required to move the object. Again a long lever works easier and faster than a short one.

Successful people understand that where performance in business is concerned speed is the new currency of business and therefore they create very long and very strong levers. The key idea here is to think about how to position yourself in your present environment so as to maximise your potential to serve as many people as possible.

Areas you can leverage for maximum impact for success in life and business

The key thing in business is to get things done with available resources. However because the resources are scarce it is our responsibility to see ways to add value to the resources and hence our outcome; which will result in greater effectiveness in the use of systems available to us so as to increase productivity. Leveraging is an important tool for expanding our means, reducing the time for the process as well as activities, leading to excellent results. Simply put, to do more with less!

The following are some of the strategies that you can use to leverage your outcome.

1. Time – leverage your time so that whatever work you perform today will pay you over and over again. This is my hope and faith in writing this book.

2. Other people’s time – leverage other peoples time so that so that you can be paid on the efforts of other people. For example, starting you own business and employing others to work for you.

3. Your money – leverage your money so that your money works for you instead of you constantly having to work for your money. This is the key different between the rich and the poor. The work for their money and in turn make their money work for them through investing it in profitable business ventures. The poor blows away all they have and have nothing left. On the other hand the rich see the dollar thay have as a seed for more dollar.

4. Other people’s money – leverage other peoples money, in other to generate income that you would otherwise have not this ability to generate.

5. Your own experience - You can leverage ant experience you have in life - good or bad for common good. What have you learned from this experience? Who can benefit from it? How can I share it with others. There is power in asking and answering your own questions. The answer to the question may be the beginning of a book, workshop, seminar or the whole experience couls result in career change to public speaking.

6. Other people’s experience - It takes too long to learn a new skill or craft, so borrow or learn fro others. This is in fact the basis for modelling other peoples skill in NLP. Mastery of any body of knowledge requires continuous practice, action and review of your strategies. How long it takes depends on you. I want share with you the learning system adopted by Benjamin Franklin which led to his great success in different fields – writing, publishing, science, business and governance

Step1 – Identify an expert who is already proficient in the skill you wish to acquire. This expert shouls be someone whose work you greatly admire and whose style or method you aspire to match.

Step 2 – Imitate the master you’ve identified in step 1. Do this by studying his or her work, directly or indirectly and internalizing that work in order get a true understanding and then reproduce the work on your own.

Step 3 – Practice imitating the work until you‘ve achieved your own mastery of the desired skill.

He used this strategy to hone his writng and improve his influencing skill modelled according to The Spectator – a daily journal and Socrates –the great Greek philosopher.

You can really model any experience, For example, you can model a wealthy man to understand their source of great wealth. The easiest way is to apprentice with one who is wealthy or learn all you can about them and put their experience into practice. You can follow these people thanks to thepower of the internet through Twitters, Facebook and Utube. You can sign up to their newsletters so as to read their ideas and thoughts on their specialist subject. Read their books, listen to their audios, and attend their seminars or workshops. Do all you can do to keep abreast of the develop in your chosen expert/specialist knowledge but more than anything put what you’ve learnt into practice. What I have been sharing with you is based on these principles of learning from great minds.

Just one idea you learn can save you 10 years of hard work and effort. Leverage is about maximizing your result in a minimum amount of time.

7. Other peoples idea – you need to associate with other people who can show you the nut and bolts that nailed their success together. In terms of business success that will lead to great wealth the following strategies work.

· Find a mentor

· Develop a team

· Leverage network

· Leverage infinite networks

· Leverage tools and skills

· Leverage systems

This article has looked at some aspects of applying leverage in personal and business life to improve productivity; therefore leading to successful outcome. knowing them is one thing but applying the idea for realization of your accomplishments is very important for your benefiting from all that life offers.This requires practice on your part.


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