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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Increase Internet Traffic and Sales

Updated on December 27, 2012

What if there was one thing you could do for your site to make it “stickier”? It would get people to spend a little more time on your site and might even entice them to click through and make a purchase or sign up for your mailing list.

According to a BIA/Kelsey study, 26% of people who view video from a retail site will visit the store. 21% of viewers make purchases and ask for more information.

Using Youtube to Increase Internet Traffic

Video Can Increase Internet Traffic

Video is beginning to dominate the internet. Think of all the viral videos and the number of times you are sent a kitten walking across a piano or an upload of someone’s child doing anything. But video is not limited to random entertainment. Video has been shown to increase traffic and sales. Studies indicate that 71% of internet users watch video. In fact, as more studies are done on internet video, businesses are beginning to take video very seriously as an advertising tool.

But video is not only beneficial to sites that are exclusively retail. A landing page with a video produces four to seven times the engagement and response rates that landing pages with still photos and text alone produce. And a well- optimized video is fifty three times more likely to land in the first page of Google search results. Also, according to Lisa3876, a web entrepreneurship expert, it is easier to get a higher ranking in Youtube search results than to get a high rank in Google search results. This is because, while Youtube is very popular, it is not nearly the giant that Google is which means there is less competition for keyword ranking.

What Kind of Internet Video Do You Need?

It depends on what you want it for. If you are simply trying to promote a product or service, you might make an advertisement or commercial. Many commercial or landing page videos include a call to action—i.e. “Enter your information in the box below” or “Just click here”. You might create a welcome video for your site to explain to visitors what they will find there and encourage them to subscribe to your blog, ebook, newsletter, etc. If you are going to make your video part of a vlog or series of video then you want to give viewers valuable information—a reason to comeback. One study conducted by, one third of all middle managers view work related video every day. So assess your purposes and decide what will best suit your needs.

An Example of a Video Produced by Fiverr Associates

Where Do I Get Video For My Website?

Again this will depend on your purpose. If you are trying to promote a business or product you may want to hire out the job to professionals. If you are creating a vlog you will probably want to make the video yourself. Lisa advises followers to make the video themselves. Let people see you—let them see that you are authentic and human. If you do opt for a more professionally done video you may find videographers in your local area to help you out. You can also go to free-lance sites like Elance and Odesk to hire the work out. And if you are especially budget minded you can always check out which offers an amazing array of services for a really low price.

A Simple Tool Anyone Can Access to Increase Internet Traffic

Don’t let video intimidate you. Producing a video or having one produced for you can be easier than you think. If you are going to do only one thing to increase page rank and sales, video is the way to go. It is a simple way to make your site stickier. It is also an effective way to promote your business or product.

Do You Have Video on Your Website?

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If so . . .

Have you noticed a change in your traffic?

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    • BrightMeadow profile image

      BrightMeadow 5 years ago from a room of one's own

      Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

    • stayingalivemoma profile image

      Valerie Washington 5 years ago from Tempe, Arizona

      I agree that video is increasingly popular. I have lots of podcasts in the works as well as some video recipe hubs and am looking forward to seeing a jump in traffic, hopefully! Voted up!