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Online Business Marketing Ideas

Updated on October 13, 2015
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Joe has been working as a fitness pro and internet marketing expert for over 4 years now, also with a keen interest in personal development.

Online Business Marketing Ideas 101: Innovation is king

We live in the digital age of the worldwide web. You can get almost anything nowadays from the Internet. You can also do anything on the Internet. That includes marketing. Manufacturers, producers and shop owners have become aware that their clients are very busy. The clients value their time so much so that they opt to do their shopping and window shopping online. And this is the market that the sellers are looking to tap into.

Online marketers are constantly moving out of their way to create innovative ways in which they will make their products stand out to the clients. So here are some of the marketing strategies that have been employed in the recent past that paid off for the marketers involved:-

  • 'Like a girl' campaign by always. This was a genius ad campaign by the sanitary towel makers, Always. The company sort to sensitize the world on the various ideas the majority of people had about being a girl. The company went around the streets asking young adults and young boys what they thought of girls. They further went ahead to ask them to demonstrate a few activities in the way a typical girl, from their point of view, would do it. They then went ahead and asked a few ladies about what they thought of themselves. The ladies were also asked to do the same activities that the young boys had mentioned and to do them as a girl. The results were astonishing. The stereotype that a majority has of what a lady would do 'like a girl' were totally wrong. The ladies come out stronger than and not as weak as they had been depicted by a few males. This advertisement was a huge success in most parts.
  • 'The dress' campaign. In a fashion event early this year, a runway model presented a dress that got many people talking about it. The intriguing thing about this dress was not the design or designer of it, but the color. Many people who saw the dress had a hard time figuring out what color it had. Some said it was white and gold and others claimed it was blue and black. There was no end in sight when it came to the discussions on the color of the dress. Dunkin doughnuts were among the first opportunists who made use of this confusion. They put up a photo of two doughnuts, one was blue and black and the other was white and gold. To go with the photo they had a caption that read "it does not matter if it is blue and black or white and gold, they still taste delicious." This got so many people interested in the doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts
  • Urban selfie coupon by Hilton Weiner. This is another case of a person who knows how to do online marketing. It was about the time when selfies were becoming very popular. The whole idea for this campaign was to reward people who had purchased an item of clothing from their clothing line. The fashion house was giving any person who took a selfie with any of their articles of clothing a 10$ coupon, which they could use the next time they went into any of their shops. This campaign increased the sales for the house. It also increased the visibility of the fashion house such that it is nowadays mentioned now and then when it comes to fashion matters.

No matter what strategy a marketer chooses to do their online marketing, the bottom line is that it has to be catchy and innovative. When you capture peoples attention with innovative material, you are setting yourself apart as original.

There are always new and innovative ways to strategically promote your business and your specific niche on the internet, you just have to think outside the box. This is the issue now, because of advertising blindness it is becoming harder and harder to market your business and services online. Alongside this, people are straight up copying other ideas that may have worked in the past, but they aren't trying new things. Of course you shouldn't try and re invent the wheel, but everyone has their own ideas about how to get the word out about their business, so don't be afraid to act on those ideas. Test, test and test some more, always track what works and what doesn't, this is the key to any successful advertising and marketing campaign. You rip out the things that aren't producing results and scale the things that do, its really that simple when you break it down.

Among all the hype and chatter of the advertising on the internet these days, there are the select few with a voice and they are heard, why? Because they come up with new and exiting ways of marketing their products and services on the internet and these are the innovators of the digital age, they don't follow trends, they set the trends.

© 2015 Joe Searle


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