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Online Entrepreneur: Freedom To Be Your Own Boss

Updated on July 15, 2014

Expert Tip!

While it's certainly exciting being your own boss, it is also a lot of work. Make sure have a solid business plan before starting out. Don't let the responsibilities of running a new business side track you - be prepared, focused, and stick to your plan!

Bid Farewell To The Rat Race and Be Your Own Boss From Now On

Changing careers can be difficult, especially when you are quite comfortable with your situation. However, sometimes it can be necessary to leave your old job and beneficial for several reasons. Perhaps you are no longer challenged in your current position or the office has become a hostile environment due to circumstances beyond your control.

Of course finances and salary are also common reasons for leaving your job.

Maybe you are one of the few who have decided to be your own boss, and you are looking to quit your job and seek your fortunes elsewhere. If so read on for some tips about quitting you job and becoming your own boss.

Don't burn your bridges. First-off, while you are planning this exciting new career away from corporate politics, you might want to consider a graceful exit from your current job.

It might be a pleasant thought to go out with bang and put an epic video of your last moments on YouTube to go viral, its not a recommended strategy. Your co-workers, your boss and your current employer all represent potential clients, mentors and connections in your personal social network, so do your best to leave on a good note.

Before quitting make sure your finances are set. New businesses are not always profitable immediately and you do not need the additional stress of worrying about personal finances when you are trying to run a business.

Pay your bills a few months in advance, while working hard to put some additional funds in to your savings. You'll be glad to have some extra cash if business has any hiccups during the initial start up.

When the day final arrives to say good-bye to your current employer, give a proper 2-week notice. Make sure to be considerate of the person who will eventually replace you in that position.

Don't forget to get the email and or phone numbers of your colleagues and clients so you can begin networking with them, and marketing your new business.

Finally, make sure to stay on track with you business plan. Don't go off chasing "shiny objects". Focus and dedicate yourself to success, and you will soon be your own boss!

Expert Tip

It not always true that you have to spend money to make money. Particularly when building a business on the internet. Simply look for the myriad of free tools and methods you can use to build your online empire. Don't blow your business budget on gimmicks and non-essential items.

Why Start Your Own Online Business?

Many online businesses are booming, clearly indicating that e-commerce is not a passing fad. The good news for new online entrepreneurs is that is much easier to start an online business today then is was in the past.

What is really appealing about starting an online business is that it requires very little capital. In fact for some endeavors it may be possible to start with no money at all.

Many individuals are trading in their cubicles for a home office. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life are leaving behind their regular daily routines to start online businesses.

Anyone can start a career online, young or old, man or women. With a bit of hard work and a topic you are passionate about you can succeed as your own boss. It matters little what your passion is, the internet is vast and caters to many different interests, so most likely their are like-minded individuals out there who represent a hungry and engaged audience for your talents.

New moms are among a growing segment who are trying their hand at online businesses. The flexibility and freedom that running a business from home offers these folks is an excellent compromise between long office hours and family time.

In the recent economic downturn for many people who lost their jobs or took a pay cut online opportunities can be just what you need to keep yourself afloat and pay your bills.

Retirees are another group that is flocking to online businesses. Again flexibility without committing to a full time office job, offers a perfect solution for a person looking for a nice supplemental income

There are many reasons for starting an online business and we have touched on a few of them. Below is a list of a few reasons why its a great idea to become an online entrepreneur:

  1. Be your Own Boss
  2. Flexibility (No more 9-To-5...or Graveyard shifts)
  3. Financial freedom
  4. Low startup costs
  5. Doesn't require a fulltime commitment
  6. Work from home...or anywhere
  7. Opportunity to do what you love
  8. You'll never get fired or laid off
  9. The Internet doesn't discriminate or play favorites
  10. Unlimited potential

Online Business Models

Online business is the future, no more long days chained to a desk in an office. Do you want to set yourself free and be your own boss or are you content to spend your days "working for the man"?

The video below will outline some of a few concepts for online business models that can be used to make money from home. This is no way intended to be a compete list, it is just to demonstrate some ideas of what is possible.

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© 2014 Joe Feyas


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