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Optimizing Your Websites and Blogs for Google Adsense Ads

Updated on March 12, 2011

Why You Should Optimize Your Websites and Blogs for AdSense Ads

 When it comes to optimizing AdSense ads there is much misunderstanding on that subject. Some think they can just take standard ads, insert them into their blogs, and that they will begin earning a fortune in no time.

Many get bitterly disappointed, because earnings won't come that way.

When you optimize, you need to look at good matching between color on your website or blog and the color of AdSense ads. We will see two examples of this just below. If and when contrast is too big between your own content and ads, people will stear away from your ads, since they scream "ad here" to visitors. Furthermore, you need to chose the right size of ads and also the right choice between text and/or video ads. Once you master this skill, you will see your earnings climb considerably.

Poor optimization

An Example of Poor Optimization

 Just to the right you can see am example of poor AdSense color implementation. The ad stands out from the rest of the content, and will scare people away from clicking it. As you can see the rest of the website is centered around games, and is mostly built around the blue color.

Do remember that people associate deep blue with links, so you should consider using blue for hyperlinks in your ads, but furthermore, the Adsense ad should have had a white background to stand out much less. Maybe they could have implemented the same light purple or pinkish color as background also.

Split-testing for optimal results would be highly advisable if the guys behind this website want to begin earning money from their Google AdSense ads.

Better Optimization

An Example of Better Optimization

Here you can see a much better example of AdSense color implementation. As you can see the color background of the AdSense ads fit perfectly in the left hand side menu. The titles are held in the orange colors, and blue is used for hyperlinks.

As you can see this implementation is taken from one of my own websites. The implementation has been perfected through many stages - and is today among the top earners for AdSense ads placed lower than the fold on one of my websites. The fold is what is shown to the visitor as he arrives on your website. Below the fold means the content appears as visitors scroll down your pages.

You can see that clarity of text has also been prioritized, and that ads don't stand out from the rest of the content. These ads don't scream into the face of visitors but quite naturally grab their attention - and their clicks.

Knowing More About AdSense Optimization

 When you want to optimize your implementation of AdSense ads on your websites, you might like to read my article about optimizing AdSense for optimal results.

Google AdSense can be blended with banner ads for optimal results, but you can also adjust the setting from being only text or video ads to include both. Split-testing for your specific niche is always best. Especially because the claim that people are "banner-blind" has long ago been proved wrong. I released an e-book on that subject in Danish a couple of years ago, and people have become wiser about implementing banners than ever trusting banner-blindness was a fact. It is a myth, and logically companies wouldn't spend a dime designing these if they were not effective.

But the key to being effective is always being mindful that everything can be adjusted. You can swap ad sizes, and suddenly discover this minor change multiplied your income.

It's the main reason why it's fun to work with AdSense ads. No two sites are identical, and everything can be changed by just a small change in color, ad size or swapping between solely text ads into serving both text- and video-ads.


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