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Outsourcing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Sri Lanka

Updated on October 5, 2011

Quality SEO services for a low cost

Sri Lanka is fast becoming a global leader in outsourcing and more and more companies are outsourcing there search engine optimization work to Sri Lanka. Although there are many factors that contribute to good rankings in search engines the primary factor is the number of quality back links you have. You need a combination of article marketing, directory submission, social media interactions etc to be successful at a SEO campaign. All these things cost money and since labor is relatively cheaper in Sri Lanka you can get those things done at a bargain price from a Sri Lankan SEO company. Although it is cheap that doesn't mean the quality of you link building campaign is compromised. It is the same quality you will get from any European or US SEO company, maybe even better as well, the cost is low simple because labor costs are very low in a country like Sri Lanka.

Outsourcing SEO to Sri Lanka can cut down your budget considerably
Outsourcing SEO to Sri Lanka can cut down your budget considerably

Advantages of Outsourcing SEO to Sri Lanka

There are many countries you can outsource your SEO work, but below are few reasons you should consider before making your decision. A small country like Sri Lanka can never compete for the price with countries like India and China where they have huge work forces with very cheap labor. So obviously they needed to find another way to attract and keep customers and they achieved that through delivering high quality products. Sri Lanka has the highest per capita contribution to the open source work in the world. Sri Lankans have always performed well in Google Summer of Code competitions and Sri Lankan companies and students have consistently won gold medals in Asian coding competitions. Also with organizations like SLASSCOM Sri Lanka are encouraging and standardizing outsourcing, which leads to a better end product or service for possible customers. So the service and products you are getting are world class, no doubt about it.

Another major barrier most companies face when outsourcing there work to other countries is the language barrier. Sri Lanka has a high literacy rate compared to most countries in the world and education is provided free of charge. English is a mandatory subject so most people in the workforce are fluent in English or at least have an basic understanding of the English language. Also companies that provide outsourcing services are committed to improving the English communication skills of there employees by partnering with institutes like the British Council.

Another major factor is the level of expertise of SEO companies in Sri Lanka. Most of these companies have being providing SEO services to various European and US clients for a long time and have plenty of resources to acquire back links, which could lead to significant ranking in quick time for your company.

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