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Outsourcing Web Design to Sri Lanka

Updated on October 6, 2011
Outsourcing web design to Sri Lanka is value for money
Outsourcing web design to Sri Lanka is value for money

The perfect balance between cost and quality

Sri Lanka is fast emerging as one of the top web design outsourcing locations in the world, and Sri Lanka offers the perfect balance between quality and cost. There are far more cheaper options, but do you want to waste your time talking to people who can hardly speak English ? Do you want to outsource your web design to someone who doesn't understand web standards or valid XHTML ? If the answer to those questions is no, then Sri Lanka is the best place to outsource your web design.Some governments have also started outsourcing government website designing to Sri Lankan companies, for the simple reason they build top quality valid XHTML web sites that can be accessible via any browser,any operating system and even accessible by disabled person.Even though a small country Sri Lanka has a very strong IT industry with individuals and companies excelling in different areas related to IT. The perfect place to outsource your web design.

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Advantagous of web design outsourcing to Sri Lanka

Below are some advantages you get when you outsource your web design to Sri Lanka.

  • High Quality - As I mentioned above, even some governments outsource there web design to Sri Lanka, because web design companies in Sri Lanka are known for building valid XHTML websites according to the latest web standards, so they can be accessible by everyone, even people with disabilities
  • Relatively low cost - Compare to countries like US,UK and most European countries it is much cheaper to get your website designed in Sri Lanka.Its a balance between the cost and the quality and Sri Lanka offers one of the most attractive packages when it comes to that balance.
  • High focus on outsourcing - Since Sri Lanka is an emerging market for outsourcing there is a high focus to deliver top quality products. Government is involved in educating the companies about this web standards are given a special mention in monthly meet ups and government sponsored seminars.
  • Highly skilled workforce - Some of the top people in IT industry has emerged from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka consistently performs well in APICTA, Google summer of code and Imagine cup ( Microsoft ). Sri Lanka is the largest per capita contributor to open source software, so you can be guaranteed your web design would be handled by experts in the field.Another important factor is high English knowledge in Sri Lanka, making it much easier to communicate and resolve issues.

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