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How to Deal with Money and Marketing Problems

Updated on March 5, 2018
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Jonny has been a B2B journalist and editor and is currently a website developer while co-running a business networking organization.

The Same Playing Field for Access to Help

One of the most respected success coaches in the world, Michael Neill, says in his audiobook Effortless Success that one of the two main obstacles to personal – and so business – growth he gets asked about is money. Coincidentally, yet not surprisingly, for about half of my potential clients this comes up the most when we discuss marketing strategies.

We all have something to say about money I guess. So let us hurdle this obstacle with a few areas areas that you can focus on that for the most part free. For this post is a supportive celebration of the fact that we are already rich, and like the most wealthy, successful or creative in the world we have the same level playing field of access that they do to help us grow in business and enterprise.

Practice Reading Business Sections and About Your Sector

Get used to improving your financial intelligence by dedicating a little time to it every day
Get used to improving your financial intelligence by dedicating a little time to it every day

The Rich are Experts at Utilizing Resources

First though we need to understand:
All monumentally wealthy people are experts at utilising resources.

They use the things around them to support their efforts, enterprise and dreams. If they have a problem that's affecting their business now and will inhibit it's future they use resources to shift things along. Warren Buffet, perennially in the top five of the list of the richest people in the world reads financial reports, papers and analyses for 3-8 hours a day. This information, that we all have access to, provides the answers about the integrity of the businesses he invests in.

Alright, so perhaps the thing that will interest you here in the following resources is anything you hadn't realised before or any fresh approach and reminders in maximising assistance for your enterprise.

The Library is an Undervalued Source of Assistance

The library a great place for reference information plus a hub for work and meetings
The library a great place for reference information plus a hub for work and meetings

1. The Library

Obvious but often overlooked. Where else is there a social, community and business hub for people with free WiFi, creche, news and trade papers and coffee counter acting as a quiet free office? Not to mention it has books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs and is a different venue to jog the mind as well as meet.

Here's why I mention the library for you:

There is a floor of (often expensive) reference books and directories. There will usually be a choice of ten on each specific subject. Don't be put off: this means you can find the ones that speak to you. And very often these more technical books will only have a passage, chapter or section that you need. Can you really get this searching on Google? You can photocopy the information or at least sample what you need before shopping on Amazon.

2. People

Try ticking this list of your often guestimated personal network of 250:

Friends; family; community; colleagues; ex-colleagues. Most will be glad to assist. With others there's usually an obstacle that stops us asking some people for help or them helping, but perhaps it's a opportunity to grow and see how you can negotiate that obstacle. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you to learn.

And why not see if clients and customers can be a resource of goodwill in spreading the word?

One thing that might stop this is if they don't realise the value you are giving them. This can be politely outlined in invoices and emails, clarifying what they got free of charge. In turn this allows them to boast that you paid extra attention to them.

Events and Conventions are the Key Keeping Current

By getting out there you'll find many people with  the same aspirations you have
By getting out there you'll find many people with the same aspirations you have | Source

3. Network Events

Type into Google: "free network events yourhometown" and calendar up your time meeting new people. The best bet is to go with a listening ear and be honest with what you're after. You'll be surprised at how cool people can be.

Or if you have your own premises or access to them you can have an open coffee and cake morning to show others what you do and share some free advice.

With new networking associates you may want to start with contra deals, an exchange of services or free work for testimonials or in lieu of future work.

Most of the Resources are Already Available Online

Respect your reputation online: It's mostly free and a parallel operation to the real world
Respect your reputation online: It's mostly free and a parallel operation to the real world | Source

4. The Internet

Too much of a resource? Don't know where to start?

The trick is to remain with your niche questions and business sector: using search engines, online forums, grantfinders (plus other support) and social media. Just remember wherever you make your footprint – whether in blog, vlog, comment, free giveaway etc – it links back to your business: so stay true to your mission and don't get embroiled in things that make you look bad and waste time.

After a paying for line rental and a good broadband, the access to getting your name out there, enhancing your reputation or learning how to do both is endless. You found this article right?

Write Down Your Business Story

The written story of you and why you're in business contains a believable message
The written story of you and why you're in business contains a believable message

5. You

Your story is a resource and forms the centre of any marketing strategy, whether you use it upfront or behind the scenes. You need to get used to telling it and in a way people not only understand, but resonate with and believe.

The more setbacks you've had the better, people love an underdog: as long you haven't given up. If you find it difficult to put yourself into words - as many people do - ask someone to help.

Once you have these few paragraphs of self-confidence boosting 'sell' you can keep them to hand to read daily to keep you focused. And the bonus is you can tell the story any way you like as long as you don't fabricate.

Business Success and Good Health Aren't Mutually Exclusive

It all comes down to how you approach stress. Loving what you do is key.
It all comes down to how you approach stress. Loving what you do is key.

6. Your Well-being

It's not as obvious as you think. In fact your own health and mental approach to business is one of those wood for the trees moments. A lot of people in business for themselves confuse control freakery with being in charge. With the former there is a sort of out of control element to wanting so much hands on involvement.

Your mind and body are essential and are often taken for granted or indeed abused at the hands of hard work. That's fine, be that hero, but the thing is: do you want your journey to be about chasing a happiness, or making success from a happy place: and which of the two results do you think will last longer?

Keeping well is about maintaining your spirit and so your motivation.

You can force it with a 'where there's a will there's a way' approach, but maybe you can flip it when you're stuck and try the 'where there's a way there's a will' method instead, attending to the things that build your sense of confidence through achievement to guide you.

You can do this one task at a time and practising the art of planning, so relax, building a business reputation is the act of building, it doesn't happen overnight.

You know at the least using the resources above won't make you bankrupt.

© 2018 Jonny Wills


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