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PPC Campaign Tips for Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising

Updated on July 25, 2010

Understanding Google Adwords

Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

In my time as an Internet Marketer I have used PPC (Pay per click) on several affiliate products I have marketed. In general Google Adwords is the reason for my high profit levels but I know that this is not the case for everyone. I know there are going to be a lot of people who wont agree with me on what I am about to say but what I am about to say comes from personal experience when it comes to affiliate marketing and Google Adwords. These also apply for PPC with Facebook but more so for Adwords.

Always make sure that you have your own domain name to direct traffic to. Without this you will eventually have run the risk of the infamous "Google Slap", that is of course if you even get your ad approved in the first place. So always make sure that if for example you are promoting a clickbank product you will want to have your own unique web address with some unique content as well and then within that content you will have links to your "Clickbank Product".  You should also check out my guide on promoting Clickbank Products with Free Traffic Methods

There are many ways that affiliate marketers take advantage of this and one other way you can do this is to have an opt-in mailing list. What you do is advertise via Adwords and then when people click through to your page you give them a free report or ebook related to the product you are trying to promote. You have to make sure that it is something that they are going to want information on because they will be submitting email information to get this free report and you will want it to convert really well, otherwise you are again throwing away money on a Google Adwords campaign that isn't going anywhere. A lot of people will disagree with this as they want to sell on "buyer impulse" rather than building up a relationship with their customers first, but in my experience I have found that building up a good customer relationship first generally means more than one sale in the future if you don't abuse the power of having them on a mailing list. What I mean by this is that you don't continually push new products on them every single day as they will quickly unsubscribe from your mailing list and then your PPC campaign becomes a complete waste of time and money. You should provide them with tips and strategies for free to keep them interested and reading your emails and then you can promote products that you think would benefit them as time goes on.

Making sure that you have potential buyers for products

 You should always make sure that your product is going to sell before throwing money into Google Adwords and testing it.  I say this because it is not likely that you can test Adwords with lets just say $50 for example and expect to get 1 or 2 sales.  Sometimes it takes several hundred dollars and lots of tweaking of keywords, landing pages, and the right PPC ad that is going to get hungry buyers clicking your ads and then liking what they see on the landing page and then getting them to that order form. 

How I do this is that I always use free methods to promote my products or affiliate products first.  Yes I might only get a couple of sales this way but at least I can then say 'yes or no' if the product is a success or not.  Take Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip for example, now this product has made me a huge amont on ROI over the last year.  I have made money from this product in both free traffic methods as well as paid traffic methods.  It converts well, has a great landing page for a free ebook and the ebook contains a great idea that really sells this product well. 
With the use of Google Adwords however, I was able to scale up my sales with this product and make 3 times as much money out of it as I was previously from just free traffic and the reason why I put more money into it with Adwords was the fact that I knew it converted well so it gave me the confidence to advertise it.

Working out ROI for PPC Campaigns

 Whether you are using Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, even if you are using a smaller PPC like Adbrite for example you need to work out how many visitors you get before you get a sale.  Now of course this will be an average but lets just say that 1 in 25 visitors actually buys your product.  That means that is you were to get $50 from the sale after fees have been taken out that you are getting roughly $2 per visitor.  When it comes to a PPC campaign then you are definately not going to be wanting to spend $2 or more for keywords so it really pays to do your research and in most cases go for longer tailed keywords etc.  To be honest if I was making $2 per visitor I would not want to be paying more than $1 for every visitor that enters my site. I like to be doubling my investment at all times at least and generally I can do it quite easily because of the methods I use above. 

Google Adwords has in the past couple of years gotten really competitive for a lot of keywords and there is many keywords that you may be paying $5 or even $10 a click, but I have noticed in the last couple of months that there are some bargain keywords coming up in several niches, and I believe that this is due to marketers trying out more PPC networks such as Facebook.  Facebook advertising seemed to take a while to take off but now you look through and there are heaps of marketers using their advertising.



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    • profile image

      Vending Machines 5 years ago

      Sounds fabulous! This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post.


    • janecidro profile image

      janecidro 7 years ago from Liberty, MO

      Hey Benk1983,

      I was wondering if you could answer this question?

      I have many websites that I have developed over the last 5 years. They all rank on Google's first page, therefore combind they all make a nice chunk of change. When I advertise in Google at a low CPP my profits skyrocket. Here's the problem! Even though my sites rank well naturally in Google. Google also slaps everyone of my websites, usually within 2 weeks of it being in a PPC campaign. Here is one of my sites they just slapped. It comes up great natually in Google, yet they don't want it in their PPC program.

      Just a note, I never post an affiliate URL. instead I will post a URL like this