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Telephone interview: Tips for job interview

Updated on February 6, 2013

Telephone interview

Telephone interview is a format where in you are interviewed over a telephone for recruitment into a particular job. This telephonic method is a strategy followed by companies to fill up any immediate small number of vacancies or those of higher grade posts. It is also done to recruit candidates recommended by those already in some post of the company. This saves company valuable time, tedious manual campus recruitment and other costs to fill up any limited vacancies or immediate requirements.

This mode of interview is gaining popularity and preference in the present scenario of companies recruitment. It has prominent distinctions in comparison to traditional face to face interview where in you may need to sit before a panel of one or more interviewers. So it is necessary for the job seekers to be well prepared before hand to get impressed and selected in this mode of interview.

Courtesy: Flickr
Courtesy: Flickr

Advantages and disadvantages to the candidate

There is no eye contact of the interviewer so, no anxiety or tension is necessary and there is chance to answer the questions with a cool mind. No requirement of proper dressing or outfit as you are not been viewed. No overhead expenses like travel to the spot of interview stay out there overnight etc. The company or the interviewer calls you and this brings a feel of being approached instead of you approach them. All these advantages may develop attitude of taken for granted. So be aware.

It also carries few disadvantages as you may miss the chance of impressing the interviewer with your appearance, behavior and personal charm because appearance to eye has more impact than normal voice to the ear does. You may not get the chance to meet the fellow participants to make new friends, share your ideas and experiences which can add to your knowledge and also provide further information on new opportunities. There are chances that you may not even know how was your performance as per the interviewer, because you may not be intimated about your performance score if you are not shortlisted.

Keeping in mind these advantages and disadvantages of telephone job interview here are certain tips and advice to handle the process efficiently and successfully.


Preparing for telephone job interviews

Before the day of interview guess the possible areas of questions you may be asked and prepare in brief accordingly. This can be ascertained based on job profile they mentioned to you, they may also emphasize on your previous work, study etc based on your resume.

Use a land line phone rather than mobile for the clarity of voice. If you are using a mobile, charge it to full and also don‘t fix any appointment over phone or elsewhere at the scheduled time of interview.

Before the interview, have a light diet and sufficient drinking water. Freshen up by attending the bathroom.

Be well dressed as it boosts up your spirit; arrange to stand in a silent area to prevent distraction during interview.

Go through your resume as there are chances of questions from it like why and where etc.

Have a paper and pen at hand to answer logical and reasoning questions by drawing or calculating on the paper.

Receive the call with a proper “hello and your name here”. Sound comfortable and talk with louder and clear voice in the call.

Ask them to interview in the local language in case you are not well versed to speak in English language. Because if you face difficulty in framing sentences it may give odd impression about your skill to the interviewer.

Don’t sound to be trying to draw sympathy towards you, instead sound confident and maintain professional posture. Don’t try to bore them by too much extra details or useless chat.

If the question is not understood or heard clearly you may request to repeat it without any hesitation. If any answer is not known it is better to admit it and say you will find it latter.

Most chances are that HR of the company deals with your package or any time bondage to be signed and not the person interviewing. So better don’t ask those questions to him. You can enquire from HR latter or when you are shortlisted.

You may ask questions related to the work profile so as to show your eagerness to work. End up the interview with a cheerful thank you note.

Thus Telephone interviews can be dealt with prior preparation for success in job. placements


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