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Product Review: Vistaprint - Print Products For Business And Home

Updated on March 1, 2012

How many times have you seen the Vistaprint advertisement on the page of a hub article and wondered how can they give them away for free and make money? I wondered that every time I saw the ad with a stack of business cards that grows while the numbers climbed steadily to 250! Well, I checked it out. I went to a fellow hubber's hub and clicked on the ad. Here is what I found.

Free products with economical shipping made me a repeat customer of Vistaprint!
Free products with economical shipping made me a repeat customer of Vistaprint! | Source
It was like Christmas when I opened the boxes from Vistaprint!  Great products for advertising my home businesses at a great price!!
It was like Christmas when I opened the boxes from Vistaprint! Great products for advertising my home businesses at a great price!! | Source

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A Quality Product

An advertisement for free business cards actually only draws the customer in. I not only looked at, and ordered, the business cards, but I ordered many other items as well. You might think...aha! That is how they make their money! are wrong! All of the items I ordered were free! They were 100% free! I only paid for shipping. No, the shipping costs weren't padded either. They were appropriate for the items purchased. Oh, then they were poor quality items and I was a sucker! No, wrong again! Everything that I ordered was printed on quality materials in a quality manner. When they arrived, it was like Christmas!

I had 3 separate orders. I ordered one set of items just as a starter to test it all out. Then I ordered a set of items for my designer jean business and another set for my body slimming wrap business. They all have arrived and they are amazing! There are T-shirts, business cards, banners and yard signs. I have address labels, product labels, appointment cards, rubber stamps and ball point pens. I am a kid in a candy store! I have several businesses that I work from home. I do in home parties for selling designer jeans for Vault Denim Jeans. I do in home parties and online sales orders for body slimming wraps and natural health and fitness products for the It Works! Global Corporation. I am in the process of beginning two other business lines as well. I will doing in home parties and online sales of quality tote bags and gifts for Thirty One Gifts. In addition, I am in the process of setting up a forum for Southeastern Kansas vendors to highlight their products in an auction format known as Paddle Parties. I will be ordering items for both of these new ventures. Oh...I also ordered cards for my HubPages articles. I have friends and family who are reading and following my hubs. I can hand them a card and they can read to their heart's content.

Having the quality printed products offered by Vistaprint helps me to be prepared for the advertising needs of my businesses as I am starting them and until I get known in my area as the "go to" person for those products in our area. They make me look good. They were free! I am SO happy!!! Each item is designed exactly to my specifications. I changed the wording. I changed the font. I put in my own designs. I printed both front and back, in color. I saved them to my account and came back to them and ordered those that were most useful. The extra costs were $1.99 here and there! SO worth it! I spent less than $20 and received literally $300 dollars worth of products. Vistaprint is providing businesses with an amazing value.

The Hook

There will be a day that I will be doing well enough to hand out calendars, mugs, notepads and who knows, maybe T-shirts! Will I order from some local merchant? No. I will get those items from Vistaprint. I will be confident that I will receive quality products for a great price. That is the hook. Vistaprint helps businesses begin. They provide a quality product for free to a business who can only afford free items. They are a builder of businesses, a builder of dreams, a builder of futures. When a business person succeeds, they remember those who were there. Vistaprint earns their business. Vistaprint keeps their business.

The Challenge

I challenge you to click on the Vistaprint ad or the link I have added here to find out what they have available! My next order will be a free banner for me to hold on the side when my US Marine son arrives on American soil arriving home from overseas! Give Vistaprint a try! I challenge you to test this product review of Vistaprint and their products for business and home!

Photo and Text Copyright 2011 Deborah M. Carey

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    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 6 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA


      Thanks for reading! I agree, can't beat their prices! God bless!

    • Dawn Conklin profile image

      Dawn Conklin 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I love Vistaprint! I have ordered from them a few times. I got the free business cards and also 500 of the high quality business cards. It was cheaper then buying the stuff locally! I usually try to help local businesses but at the price Vistaprint offers, I go with them for my business cards.