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Qualification, skills and job responsibilities of drivers

Updated on May 27, 2013

Good driving is an art. Nowadays, the drivers are in huge demand in the companies for various purposes. They are required to deliver goods that the company provides to their clients or business. The driver’s job is to collect goods from the company and deliver them safely to the required destination. The majority of them are expected to drive for long hours. Most importantly, the drivers should be reliable and trustworthy while on duty and should be aware of their responsibilities.

Qualification and job requirement for drivers:

  • All drivers require a valid driving license
  • Drivers need a basic ability in English and Mathematics
  • The weight and size of the driving vehicle depends on the driving qualification

In order to drive vehicles that carry between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, they need to pass the LARGE GOOD VEHICLE medical, theoretical and practical test to gain a license. However, some companies are ready to pay for the training requires for those drivers undertaking this test.

For driving job, age is an important factor. The minimum age should be 17 years; however, to drive bigger vehicles, the age restriction goes a little higher, at 21.

Skills required for driving:

Drivers should be able to demonstrate road safety awareness and excellent driving skills, especially, if they are driving large vehicles.

They should have a thorough knowledge about the road where the delivery is to be made and should possess the ability to enjoy driving for long hours in case, the route is very long.

As the drivers have to do several papers work and also deal with the customers while on duty, their job demands good written and verbal communication skill.

No matter, how difficult the customers are, drivers should remain calm and composed under any tight situation.

A good and careful attitude towards road safety and the ability to stay alert throughout their working hours is very much required for a driver.

The responsibilities of drivers:

  • All drivers must comply with the policies, rules, procedures and instructions governing the use of vehicles.
  • They must possess the driving license that is valid in the State or country they are working. In addition, the drivers should be 18 years old or above.
  • A company’s vehicle for personal use is strictly prohibited. The passengers are also limited to those who are directly related to the official work.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the use of seat belts both for themselves and for others.
  • The traffic and parking rules should be strictly obeyed. Any violation fines are the sole responsibility of the individual involved.
  • If the drivers confront any accident, they should immediately report to the police. Moreover, the accident cases should be reported within 24 hours.
  • Drivers are responsible for the company’s vehicle. They must maintain it in accordance with the manufacturer recommendation. It is also the prime responsibility of a driver to check whether all the warranties of the vehicle are fully exercised.
  • The drivers should ensure that there is no damage caused to the vehicle. They should also take care of the fact that any damage to the vehicle is not because of any sort of misuse or gross negligence.
  • It is the prime responsibility of a driver to make sure that the company’s vehicle is not rented or loaded with any outsider.
  • They should carefully unload goods at the right address. They ensure that those goods which do not get delivered are not getting unattended. They should return the undelivered items back to the storage point. It is the duty of every driver to keep all the delivery records correctly.

Besides, consistency and trust are the two important factors that every company looks for in the drivers they hire.


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