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Restaurant Jobs - Job Openings and Opportunities

Updated on January 11, 2012

Restaurant Jobs

Many people at one time or another in their life have worked in a restaurant or food service industry. One reason is that are always job openings in many types of restaurants, such fast food, quick sandwiches, casual dining and fine dining restaurants and establishments. Some may only be hired or work in one place and many will have several different jobs and opportunities over the years. Due to many reasons such as seasonality, new stores, economy and employee turn-over, there always seems to be a large supply of restaurant job openings and career opportunities across a wide spectrum for food and dining establishments.

You can find employment and hiring opportunities for waitresses, waiters, crew members, team members, servers, bartenders, cooks, line cook, assistant managers, general managers and many other positions for part time and full time employment. It seems that one large food service segment that is always hiring are the many different fast food restaurants and casual dining establishments. Some of the upscale eateries and fine dining establishments may be a little more challenging in finding open positions and personnel hiring.

find job openings in restaurants
find job openings in restaurants

Restaurant Job Opportunities and Applications

No matter if you want a job or career in a fast food chain, casual dining restaurant chain or upscale dining establishment, almost everyone must start in a training and educational mode. Start slow, learn and move up the corporate ladder. A lot of people will learn their trade and get experience in one type of establishment and then move up or lateral to a different company who is looking for experienced talent, assistant managers and general managers.

These days finding an open employment position and completing an application is more convenient since many restaurants provide a way for prospective new hires to apply online. This is more convenient and saves time for many. However, you will also find that there are still many companies that may provide an online job application, but want to see a resume and do a face to face interview. One place to look for open positions and companies that are hiring, would be a few of the job and career websites available online. These have current job openings and career employment opportunities for fast food restaurants, local establishments and large food and dining chains.

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    • cordbailey profile image

      cordbailey 6 years ago

      What many people do not know is that fast food restaurants often have great management trainee programs that pay for college, and once out of college, provide salary, benefits, car allowance, and promotional opportunities. good article.