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Oil Rig Life: Oil Drilling Rig Jobs in Alberta

Updated on February 26, 2017

Alberta Drilling Rigs

Have you ever wondered what life is like on a oil rig? How many people are on a rig crew? What each rig hand is responsible for? I would like to help you answer as many questions about rig life as I can.

For many families, Alberta drilling rigs are an important part of life. If you are looking to make rig life part of your life this page will help you to learn what each person on the rig is responsible for and give you an idea of where to start looking for work on an Alberta drilling rig. Learn about everyone from leasehand to toolpusher. Each job is vital to keeping the rig operating smoothly.

Before beginning a career on the oil rigs check out what you will be doing and make an informed decision on what you would like to do.


This is an entry level position. As a leasehand you will learn how a drilling rig works and get an introduction in to oil rig life. If you are a hard worker and a learn quickly it is possible to be promoted quickly. If you are prepared for hard work then you are prepared to be a leasehand.

As a leasehand you will be responsible for most of the general labour on the rig. You will be doing things like unloading trucks, digging ditches and scrubbing the rig. As the bottom man you will also get to do things like cleaning garbage cans, making coffee and being the gofor for most little jobs

A leasehands job can get very demanding, the labour, being gone from home and extreme weather can be hard. However you ar rwarded with a good wage and plenty of room for advancement. Drilling rig leasehands earn anywhere from $45,000 to $65,000 a year depending on the company you work for, how much work your rig gets, and how hard you are willing to work.

Green oil rig leasehands are expected to do mant things and you will run in to the odd job that is just plain joking around. Calibrating the sheave, getting the vdoor key and maybe even finding the pipe stretcher.You need to keep your sense of humour, laugh it off and keep on working hard. A little fun on the job is what keeps rig life interesting.

There are many drilling rig jobs out there. Generally ,you get your first drilling rig job locally then you may decide to branch out to offshore rig jobs. Where ever you decide to go be safe and have fun living your rig life.


As the job title implies, the motorman is responsible for looking after the motors on the oil rig. Such as the engines that are used to lift drilling pipe, turn the rotary table that turns the drill bit, and for mixing and circulating drilling fluid like mud.

Equipment varies somewhat from rig to rig, but generally speaking a rig has a combination of diesel and electric engines. Motorhands spend most of their time on the engines but also work with the boilers, maintain other machinery and generally help out where ever they are needed.

This is an excellent opportunity if you enjoy mechanical work, are a team player and have a good eye for detail.

As with all drilling rig jobs, as motorman you will be required to work long hours in extreme weather conditions and generally away from home. It is a physically demanding job, however the pay is good and the possiblity for advancement is definetly there.


The uppermost section of the drilling string, is the responsibilty of a derrickman, when the oil rig is "tripping." As derrickman, you will spend alot of time up the derrick of the oil rig on the "monkey board" If you have a fear of heights this is a surefire way to get over it.

When you are not "tripping" you will be helping to operate the mud systems, mixing mud, assisting the driller along with whatever other jobs need to be done. To be a successful derrickman you need to be a team player and be prepared tp help out wherever you can.


Each driller is responsible for their own crew under the supervision of the toolpusher or rig manager. In order to be a successful driller you must first work your way up from leasehand through to derrickman. It is important that drillers are organized and able to work effeciently while supervising others.

In addition to supervising a crew, the Driller operates the oil rig's drilling and hoisting equipment, managing the rig floor, driller's console which includes brakes, monitors, throttles, clutches and many gauges. The readings and feedback obtained from the console enable the driller to make adjustments whenever necessary.

Drillers are generally required to obtain a variety of certifications and to contiune educating themselves in order to be able to advance in to higher paying jobs with more responsibility.

Toolpusher or Rig Manager

The toolpusher or rig manager, supervises all aspects of the oil rig and the crews. As the oil rig manage you will also be the leader for the rig crews. They will look to you for guidance, safety training and possibly even for advice in with personal problems.

A toolpusher will often work their way up from leasehand and you will aquire the knowledge to run the complete operation of the oil rig. As a good rig manager you should be able to handle any problem thrown at you and you can't be afriad to get in there and get your hands dirty with the rest of the crew. 

Rig managers spend alot of time in contact with the oil rig crew and also in communication with the oil companies.

To be a good rig manager you must have leadership skills, good communication skills and be prepared to tell people what they need to do all while maintaining organization.

Education Requirements

Although you can get started on the oil rigs with very little education you will be required to posses a few safety courses. These can include but are not limited to:

  • First Aid
  • Fall protection
  • Loader operator
  • Confined spaces
  • H2S

Most drilling companies will assist you in getting all the required courses.

Pay Rates for Alberta Drilling Rig Crews

Drilling rig crews in Alberta are generally paid hourly. Most companies pay based on CAODC recommendations although there are a few that offer a slightly higher amount.

  • Driller makes $44.80/hr plus $2/hr more with rig tech premium
  • Assistant Drillers make $40/hr plus $1.50/hr more with rig tech premium
  • Derrickhand wage is $38/hr plus an extra $1.50/hr with rig tech premium
  • Motorhand makes $33/hr with $1/hr more with rig tech premium
  • Floorhand wage is $30.70/hr
  • Leasehands make $28/hr

There is also LOA which is paid to help compensate for living cost while on the road. This is $140/day for non camp jobs or $50/day for camp jobs.


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    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Looking for entry jobs in ship and rigs

    • profile image

      ajay kumar sharma 

      4 years ago

      Dear,sir, I will request to u, I will find the job offshore for my self, l have good experience in barge at 15 years I will working Rigger/ Rustboat plz sir, u can give me offer this job , I will hope full Thanks to u My best Regards Ajay kumar sharma.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi you guys,do you think I stand a chance to proof myself as a rastabout on a oil rig without matric,I just need a chance,I've been a cnc programmer all my live and have no experience in the oil industry,I'm 30 year old male and will do anything to work on a rig,my email.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      respected sir,madam

      Iam ahsan from pakistan.i was working as an derrickman oil may please consider this applaction derrickman job.iam feel that iam suitable candiadate base on my frofessional experience.and offshore training I will be only happy to.accept any post you offer.what ever be the post.i will discharge my duities to your entire satisfaction.iam working under your kind controll.please give me a chance.iam waiting for your positive response.

      My contect no

      +92 321 5600226

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      -Working hour will be 8 hr per day and 6 days in a week

      -The contract period is 2 yrs.

      -Age require for will be 20 to 45 yrs.

      -Each candidate should bear for his/her traveling expenses

      -Embassy require document from candidate (International passport valid for 2 yrs., Doctor Report and 4 color passport photographs.)

      Senior Secondary certificate Level with the knowledge of the following:


      2)Office boys


      Interested candidates should submit their CV based on the above job Vacancies only.


      Oversea Manpower Resources Inc,.

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    • profile image

      Matthew Loftus 

      6 years ago

      Hi, i am moving to edmonton the end of this year and wanting to start on the rigs in the new year. How do i get started?

    • profile image


      6 years ago


      I,am interested for mentioned job in your ORGANIZATION presently working in PAKISTAN BEFORE WORKING IN KUWAIT,as TOOPUSHER in BURGAN WELL DRILLING / HAMAD AL HAMAD , Please give me all information as soon as possible waiting your massage ,I,hoope that a chance of service will be given to me.

      Thanking You, ,


      Hose p/607 Nawaz Colony Lahore Road Jaranwala


    • profile image

      Kelvin D. JOHNSTON 

      6 years ago

      add on too comments from 3 days ago sorry i forgot to add my phone #204 997-3987 addresse 1-130hespeler. i am hard working love a new challenge . as i have stated i do have kitchen experience but i am willing to try eny thing different unfoftunatley i do not have a licence

    • profile image

      Kelvin D. johnston 

      6 years ago

      Hello here are my qualifications.I have worked as a house keeping attendant on the industrial shift for 14 years i am experianced with working with floor buffers.floor waxing machines vacumes and when it was assigned to me as part of my dutties i also know how to opperate a sizzer lift. i forgot to mention i have worked at both sites mc.phillips street station & also club regent.Also i do have training to be a commercial cook i have taken my training at R.R.C.C. HERE in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada attention Hughie Haymen in management i usaley do not ask familey for help in these situations but i am getting desperate Hughie Haymen my email is as followes johnston kelvin if any one would please pass this on to him it would be very much appreciated.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Haha, you can smell the desperation from some of these people... seriously, who would look at this site and hire based on some posts? I wouldn't. Why do employers need to you what your religion or your martial status... lol.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      im looking to work on the pipeline or oil rig. my email is contact for resume

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm a indian very hard working and experience would like to be connected to any rig work.I will carry out my duties judiciouslly,i will be very glad if i'm employed in ur company my mobil {=917602376401/09749555819} thanx

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      dear sir/madam

      im ali .im graduated in mining engineering-extraction.iv 8 years expreance in mining-drilling tunnel(metro)-construction in building and making road,i like work in this field.please tell me what can i do?

      best regaurd

    • profile image

      jason polley 

      6 years ago

      i will relocate anywhere to get a camp job and work on the rigs 9027524395 im 34 and living in trenton novascotia

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My name is Andre

      I`d like work in Alberta in CA

      I have 32 yeras.

      My phone +44 7424390629

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i'm engineer i nada'

      want go to work at Alberta

      this my email

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi, I'm Forest Allen. I have a 4 year degree in Fishers Science and a certificate from DFT Mud school in Mud Engineering. I am looking for a mud tech position.

      804-677-9710 USA

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      My Name is sadiq i Am Work As Camp Boss I Am 12 Work With S.Zia -Ul Haq & Sons Our Last Clint Is UEPL My Email Adress


    • profile image


      7 years ago


      My name Ásmundur. I am 20 old. I come from iceland I graduated 4 level engineers and refrigeration appliances i have 3 years of working experience, my father is engineer and my grandfather. I'm kind of working in groups, I take things seriously in the real issues I am proficient do not smoke do not drink Alca hole I've finished 1 degree in fire rescue I have EMT-Basic and is registered as a rescue team in the ICE-SAR. I am interested to work as a welder Assistant Drillers Derrick Hand Wager driller makes Motor Hand makes. Just have nought to do if you now what im saying.

      You can contact me email and phone +003548699041

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hi, dear my name is femi am a nigeria i repairs all kinds of pumps am an engeneer pump maintenance

      I repairs

      (fuel dispenser, flow meters bulk flow meter truck flow meter,transfer stock pumps and all kinds of pumps) and sell pumps too and construction of new petrol station and some of this like

      Calibration of tanks

      Line presure testing

      Tank presure testing

      Floching of tanks and lot of more this my email address


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hello sir, I don't have roughneck exprience but I have finessed traning by maritime drilling school in Canada Nova scotia suptember 2011. So please faver me for job any ware......

    • profile image

      Charles Thomo 

      7 years ago

      Im a young who have finished grade 12. I have a national certificate of HEALTH & safety, first aid. Im working as mechanic at msobo coal. 0713754351 if u are interest to offer me a job.

    • profile image

      Alberta Girl 

      7 years ago

      Yeah, y'all got that dumbass Kevin Kline and his young dumb and full of cum friend the Stewart boy from Falun working for you. He's gonna kill somebody. He's nuthin but a dope head.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm a nigerian very hard working and experience would like to be connected to any rig work.I will carry out my duties judiciouslly,i will be very glad if i'm employed in ur company my mobil {08031348837} thanx

    • profile image

      chandan kumar choudhary 

      7 years ago

      Respected sir

      I enclose of my CV I am familiar in pipe and structure fitting works I have five years experience in oil and gas & construction’s piping works I have also iti in fitter trade and diploma certification

      Curriculum vitae


      House no-583,Shnaji Nagar T.B.Road, Koparkherne, Navi Mumbai


      Ph.No. +919905351898


      I am, Dynamic and result oriented personnel, having 5 years of well

      Diversified experience in the Oil & Gas& Construction industry an

      opportunity Which is challenging and brings out the best from one. At

      presently working With (DOLPHIN OFFSHORE ENTERPRISES(India) LTD., MUMBAI)Contracted with ONGC LTD. is a wholly Oil & Gas & Petrochemical

      as a Pipe & structure Fitter & Fabricator with a team of 10 team members.


      1. A Position at the Managerial Level of the Organization, to Exhibit my Skills

      & Abilities to Perform efficiently in a Team.

      2. To Develop as an individual and grow along with the Organization.


      . ? Matriculation 2000 from B. S. E.B., Patna.


      ? Certificate course in pipe fabrication from Jamshedpur,(TATA)with 84% in 2007

      ? I.T.I.(NCVT) Trade fitter from Darbhanga with 80% in 2004-2006

      ? DCA(Diploma in Computer Application) Grad’ A’ in 2003


      1.Worked with Dolphin offshore Enterprises (India) Limited on behalf of O.N.G.C ltd. as a Pipe & Structure Fitter & Fabricator since 3rd march 2007 to 5th nov2007 .

      JOb Profile:-

      a) Support handling with to make Riser Protector with 24 inches

      b) Support handling with to make Barge Bumper with 24 inches

      C) Support handling with to make Boat landing with 24 inches

      d) Support handling with to work of Double batter clamping with 40& 60 inches

      2. Worked with ECC Construction Group on behalf of L&T LTD. as a pipe fitter & Fabricator since 9th Dec2007 to 8th May2009.

      Job Profile:-

      a) To make elbow 90 degree & 45 Degree 6 inches to above

      b) To make cross 6 inches to above

      c) To make tee ( Equal lateral 30Degree, 45 Degree, 60 degree )

      d) To make ( Unequal Lateral 30 degree, 45 Degree, 60 Degree )

      3.Vishal Engineering & Construction Company Ltd. On behalf of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur Since 18th June2009 to 20th July2010.

      Job Profile:-

      a) To make equal tee & unequal tee

      b) To make’ y’ in (30 degree, 45 Degree & 60 Degree)

      c) To make equal lateral ( 30Degree, 45 Degree & 60 Degree)

      d) To make elbow in (3 cut & above in 90 Degree & 45 Degree)

      e) One cut miter band & offset( in 15 Degree & above)

      f) To make concentric reducer

      4. Presently working with DOLPHIN OFFSHORE ENTERPRISES (India) LTD. On behalf of ONGC LTD. As a Pipe & Structure Fitter & Fabricator since 16 th Aug2010.


      1.Active participant in Inter School Competitions.

      2.Listening to Music.

      3.Interaction with various people.

      4.Making Friends.

      5.Playing Cricket.

      6. Surfing Net


      1.Knowledge of MS OFFICE.


      To be success throe my hard labor.


      Date of Birth : 05th Feb. 1984

      Father’s name : Sri Ram Kumar Choudhary

      Sex : Male

      Height : 6’ Feet

      Marital Status : Unmarried

      Nationality : Indian

      Religion : Hindu

      Language Known : English, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Mathli

      Quality : Believes in myself & hard working with nature

      Passport No : J-3385640


      ??Supervisor's work


      ? I am humbles optimistic and hard working with nether and I can adjust my self any types of sensation

      I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge and belief




    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i'm electricien shef in algerien drilling rig i'd like to work with you if you are interst i have 6 years experience as electricien and 2 as shef my mail is seeyou

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Good day Sir/madam, i am oscar by name, am 4rm Nigeria and i am 22 years old. Pls i am looking for a job, and am somuch interested in rig work. I have finished my secondary education and am so hardworking. Pls i can do any posible thing, be it motor man, derrick man, a helper, a cleaner in any dispensation, pls help me so that i can be able to leave bether, for i am helpless in my area. I humbuly request and belive that anybody can help me. Contact me on Or call. 07067353861. Thanks and God bless you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


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      I wait for your reply


      Henry Kwame


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am a journeyman HD mechanic and I can't seem to break through to the $6000 a month paycheck, I was earning during the 2006 oil boom. I would like to work abroad and earn $150,000 a year. Please contact me as oil industry is new to me and I require info to enter this field. My e-mail is Thank you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I wasted 36 years on a drilling rig. stay away

    • profile image

      Tayyab Qayyum 

      7 years ago

      sir, i need job in oil&gas company. I am matric with sciece and hardworker.Its my pasion that i will done job in oil sector and i hope you will help me thanks

    • profile image

      imran khan noshahi 

      7 years ago

      Request for job floorman i have 6th year exp

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      basic first aid and completion of high school looking to further build my knowledge in another area

      available asap.

    • profile image

      Chris Bouchard 

      7 years ago

      I'm 22 years old. Looking to work full time for a year to save up for an engagement ring and a down payment on a new apartment. I am interested in working in the rigs for at least a year. e-mail me



    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Moving out to alberta in the summer with a buddy we got our cards plus health and safety cards also. i live in Quebec im 100 percent bilingual. If any1 can help me please email me at

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i am looking for oil rig job,i am strong and capable,this my cell number to contant me 587 888 3255,i will will be waiting for the call..have a great day

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      young fresh fit man straight outa high skul frm south africa... I would LOVE to gt a job on ur oil rig. Fit n ready for work. Email is

    • profile image

      Samson Arhyel Dibal 

      7 years ago

      Am a graduate trainee with PTDF/NIW as a welder.highly skilled in both structural(AWS D1.1) and pipe(API 1104) a ssce holder with no working experiance but can do much more if given the due consideration.thanks

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great daring you guys have. You go through great dangers and works for the safety of people. Rigging for rescue is the most important thing you should take care of.

      Good Luck..!!

    • profile image

      roopesh amin 

      7 years ago

      dear sir, i am working drllship as a motorman nafrica please guide me for canada drilling motorman post.

      thanking you,

      roopesh amin

    • profile image

      mohamed rafik 

      7 years ago

      hi i need job i am verry intrested for work rig any one help me plese

    • profile image

      mohamad rafik 

      7 years ago

      Dear sir am rafik from india. i need for any one job please send me replay am wait for u

      our replay

      thank you

    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • profile image

      Mr. Harper 

      7 years ago

      If you want to start making about 5 000 $ a month or more ! Living in a province where everything cost less from the taxes you pay to the gaz you put in your brand new truck because you can afford one ! Or you can simply go work for a couple of weeks in a camp with your food and bed paid by the employer then come back to your family with all the MONEY you made ! Make the right choice and discover how you can live the life you want doing something you like and getting paid a lot of MONEY !

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Looking for roughneck work in Canada. Worked on a top drive tripple and have some floorhand experience. Please call 604-3898112, reference and resume available at request.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      well guys... you might want to start out by applying to the actual companies through their web sites... try something like googling 'drilling companies in_______' then submit your resumes online. no one is going to pull your name off of a comments page on an fyi site and hire you to work on a rig. come on guys, put your heads in the game and keep your sticks on the ice

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      am a logistics cordinatory in essar, i would like to know is their any openings for me ,,,,if so kindly please intemate me,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Bua ha ha

    • profile image

      Rajesh Menden 

      7 years ago

      i m rajesh from India.i want to work in rig field.before i didnt worked in that field so how can i get jobs ..who can help...thnk u


    • profile image

      Matt Brown 

      7 years ago

      Id love to change my career and its time!!! Ive been in the Carpenters union for 12 yrs and want a change. Im 30 and fit for work anytime or 403 397 6952

      Thanks alot and hope to hear from you

    • profile image

      Uzor Stella 

      7 years ago

      am from Nigeria, Ebonyi State, in Afikpo local Government Area. i have finished my secondary school program and NTI program and with nice certificate of all of the above. please am requesting for a staff in your company.


    • profile image

      Cory Fehr 

      7 years ago

      Dear Selected Committee:

      Re: Exploratory Drill Operator – Rig Tech 2 and 3 as well as Heavy Duty Mechanic skills.

      As my resume illustrates I have acquired approximately 20 years experience involving Exploratory Drilling –Rig Text 2 and 3 and Heavy Duty mechanical duties which has been complimented in working within a team environment. I possess leadership capabilities and consider myself to be enthusiastic, reliable and ready to take on new responsibilities. I have also studied to write my tool push exam in the near future.

      I feel confident with Exploratory Drill operations yet continue to seek out and learn new skills within the industry. I am Safety Conscious and safety to me is working with Employees, Supervision and Management in establishing and maintaining safety relationships which also include communication for safety awareness including everyone. Everyone goes home safe at the end of their shift.

      My references will confirm and recommend me as a strong candidate in this chosen field.

      I value the opportunity to contribute to the success of your organization while gaining practical experience. I also look forward to meeting you to discuss my suitability for this position and how I would be a asset to your organization.


      Cory Fehr

      5135 Lakeshore Drive Apt # 205

      Sylvan Lake, Alberta

      T4S 1E

      *Resume Below*


      205-5135 Lakeshore Drive

      Sylvan Lake, Alberta

      T4s 1E3

      204-648-4090 or 780 381-9268

      Career Objective:

      To obtain a position in the field of Exploratory Drill operator – Rig Teck 2 and 3 (Ticketed) and also Heavy Duty Mechanic (Not ticketed) within your Company that affords an opportunity for advancement and where my skills and experience would be utilized to their fullest advantage.


      *Tool Box and Safety meetings and discussion.

      *Daily inspection of tools and equipment.

      *Observing Field Level Risk Assessments and adjusting if required.

      *Observing and ensuring Safe Work Practices are met and followed.

      *Formal Risk assessment- Incident reporting and investigation Procedures.

      *Observation of employees and working with management to ensure site and company rules and regulations were adhered to by all.

      *Development and implementation of programs and initiatives that will continually improve current systems.

      *Emergency Response Planning and Practices.

      *Demonstrate strong analytical skills and proficient organizational skills and capable of prioritizing competing demands.

      *Proven interpersonal skills complimented with well developed written and verbal communication skills.

      *Identify and mitigate Safety hazards.

      *Ensure training is up to date.

      *Foster a cooperative and positive work atmosphere.

      *Execute assigned tasks in a safe and effective manner.

      *Lock out and tag out program for unsafe tools and energized equipment.


      Acts as lead worker & field leader over team of lower-level geologic drilling staff & provides work direction & training, monitors equipment assembly, disassembly & transport to & from drill sites, ensures adequate access, water supply & highway & railway overpass clearance for drilling sites, ensures safety of drilling personnel, ensures security of drilling equipment, enforces drilling policies & procedures & makes recommendations regarding all aspects of drilling operational policies & procedures for efficiency, production, safety & reduced costs.

      Performs drilling operations (e.g., rotors &/or cores drill hole to bedrock using tri-cone bits, core bits, casing advancers & sets casing into bedrock; drills & / or cores into sub soils & / or bedrock to prescribed depth & obtains continuous core samples or rock cuttings using wire-line retrieval or mud/ water circulation systems); constantly monitors high speed mechanical equipment & high pressure fluid systems; maintains sample repository. Prepares weekly progress reports, daily drilling progress notes & logs of work hours; advises supervisor of environmental, mechanical or technical problems associated with drilling activities; prepares & packages cutting &/or core samples; oversees & assists in fabrication of specialty drill tools (e.g., cutting torches, welding equipment).

      Operates & maintains truck-mounted drill rigs, support vehicles & accessory equipment to include wire-line core drilling rigs (e.g., Long year 44 & Module B-61 core drilling rigs, auger rigs & tandem-axle trucks), services all equipment & inspects all equipment for wear &/or damage.


      Knowledge of employee training & development; Geological drilling policies, procedures, regulations & safety practices.

      Skill in operation of core &/or auger drilling rig, water pumps & wire cable hoists; preparation & use of drilling fluids; installation of monitoring wells; operation & maintenance of wells, diesel or gasoline engines. Ability to recognize unusual or threatening conditions & take appropriate action; prepare meaningful, concise & accurate reports; climb & work from 30

      to 40 feet high drill rig mast; lift 50-80 lb. drilling tools & supplies; constantly monitor high speed mechanical equipment & high pressure fluid systems.


      Exposed to loud noises of drill rigs & ancillary equipment; exposed to mud due to water based drilling fluids & precipitation; may be exposed to hydrogen sulfide &/or methane gas in potentially hazardous concentrations during drillingoperations; exposed to high speed rotating machines & wire cable hoists which may cause hazards to limbs & fingers.

      Work Experience : Over 20 years in various locations - Most Recent to less recent

      Terroco Drilling Blackfalls, Alberta one year to date

      Impact Drilling Lacombe, Alberta 4-5 Years

      Pantera Drilling Nisku, Alberta 1 Year

      Advance Drilling Nisku, Alberta 1 year

      Ensign Drilling Fort Saint John, British Columbia-------5 Years

      Simmons Fort Saint John, British Columbia------4 years

      Northwest PumpJack 1 ½ years

      Norwest Pump Jack 1 year

      Grizzly Oil Field – Cecil Lake, British Columbia 6 months

      Highland Oilfield - Fort Saint John, British Columbia 1 year

      Lakeside Excavating- Winnipegosis, Manitobia 20 to date years with partner


      Grade 12

      Derrick Hand and Driller as well as all aspects of the Rig operations

      Exploratory Drill Operator – Rig tech 2 & 3 (Ticketed)

      Heavy Duty Mechanic Skills (No Ticket)

      Heavy Equipment Operator (Ticketed) - Loader

      Rock Crushing owner/operator 1951 Rockwell roll crusher- Manitobia

      First Aid


      Confined Space Rig Rescue


      References: Available upon request

    • profile image

      kyle Deverell 

      7 years ago

      Hey my name is kyle and been working in the drilling industry as a lease hand up to a rough neck and wanting some work for the rest of the season so any companies looking for the roughest neck around lemme know the sites and ill fill out the information you need to apply the email address is

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      work hard

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      People, if you really want to get a job, you should at least learn proper spelling and grammar. It is painful to read some of your comments.

    • profile image

      Ahsan Raza 

      7 years ago


      i am Ahsan Raza from Pakistan . i m a hardworker and i have 5years exprience in flooman . plz give me a chance in your compeny. Thanks.


      my CV



      Distt Attock Pakistan

      E-Mail Address:

      My objects work with National / International Organizations which can provide challenging worked environment. Where I can prove and improve my professional skills.

      . FATHER’S NAME : Akhtar Hussain Malik

      . DATE OF BIRTH : 09th June 1988

      . CNIC NO : 37104-8303400-9

      . NATIONALITY : Pakistani

      . RELIGION : Islam

      . MARITAL STATUS : Single

      . LANGUAGES : English, Urdu,

      . PASSPORT NO : DA 9894001


      An excellent experience with MARI GAS COMPANY LIMITED (Pakistan) as ROUSTABOUT from 22nd July 2006 to 31st August 2008.

      An excellent experience with GLOBAL DRILLING COMPANY (Pakistan) as FLOOR MAN from 18th November 2008 to 26th December 2009.

      An excellent experience with DEWAN DRILLING (PVT) LIMITED (Pakistan) as FLOORMAN from 15th January 2010 to onwards…

      Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training

      Fire Safety Training

      First Aid Training

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hello. I am wanting to get a general laborer/rig helper position in Northern Alberta. I am ready and willing to work had. I am dependable and honest. I can supply a current resume upon request. I can be contacted through or 403-400-4847. Thank you.

    • profile image

      javier diaz 

      7 years ago

      hello My name is javier diaz and i am really trying to get a job in this industry and i am willing to do any necessary course and any type of job, i am 35 yers old and very fit.

      Trained and worked in the Peruvian Navy for 13 yesrs as a bodyguard.

      if you could help me to get a vacancy i will really appreciated .

      my email is

    • profile image

      sumit velani 

      7 years ago

      DEAR SIR,



    • profile image

      pravin mishra 

      7 years ago

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I enclosed here with my resume. Presently working in RIL at E & P division. I have 11 years working pexperience in oil well rig. As per requirement pls call or send e-mail. I always ready to grape new oportunity and ready to take any challenge.


      Pravin Mishra

      +919974360974,9753021292 CURRICULUM



      B/H TAPOBHOOMI SOCIETY, Contact No: +91-9974360974, 91-9753021292


      GUJARAT. PIN – 382443 E-Mailed:

      Personal Details: -

      Name Pravin Mishra

      Father’s Name Shri B.A Mishra

      Date of Birth 07th August 1980

      Religion Hindu

      Gender Male

      Marital Status Married

      Pass Port No. E – 8182141 (E.C.N.R)

      Languages Known English, Hindi, Gujarati

      Technical Qualification :-

      Diploma in Electronics Engineer in the year of 1997.

      Education Qualification :-

      H.S.C Passed in the year of 1998.

      B.Com Passed in the year of 2002.

      Under Gone STCW Training Conducted By: - The International Marine Academy

      1. Rigging & Slinging

      2. Personal Survival Techniques

      3. Proficiency in Elementary First Aid.

      4. Personal Safety And social Responsibilities.

      5. Fire fighting.



      At present I am working as a FIELD OPERATOR in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.) in Shahdol District from 17 August 2007 to till date. I worked at SOHAGPUR East & West Site.


      (TOP DRIVE)

      Worked as DRRICK MAN (Rajasthan) Field in

      Drilling Rig Under CAIRN ENERGY with effect

      from 2006 to 2007.


      (TOP DRIVE)

      Worked as FLOOR MAN (Rajasthan) Field in

      Drilling Rig Under CAIRN ENERGY with effect

      from 2005 to 2006.

      * Company Precision drilling int rig #709

      (TOP DRIVE)

      Worked as FLOOR MAN (Rajasthan) Field in

      Drilling Rig Under CAIRN ENERGY with effect

      from 2004 to 2 005.

      *Company Precision drilling int rig #709

      Worked as ROUSTABOUT at Mangla , Ashwariya, Rageshwari in (Rajasthan) Field in Drilling Rig under CAIRN ENERGY with effect from 2003 to 2004.

      *Company Precision drilling int rig #709

      Worked as ROUSTABOUT at Surat, Olpad, Hazira, Cambay in (Gujarat) Field in Drilling Rig under NIKO RESOURCES with effect from 2001 to 2003.


      1. Erection, Installation, Dismantling of Rig, Slush Pumps, Bop etc.

      2. Assembly of Mud Tanks Screen of sieve Analysis.

      3. Measurement of Mud Parameters like viscosity and Specific Gravity.

      4. Cleaning, Greasing, Alignments and Dimensional Checking of the parts Assembled.


      • I have working in Production Department Calibration of gas flow rate and water flow Rate.

      • Measured and maintained Water Level in gas flow by echo meter.

      • Maintained gas flow Rate.

      • Maintained and controlling of all Group gartering station.

      • Complete servicing of progressive cavity pump (p.c.pump), stator rotor, stuffing box and N.T.T. (Spring Loaded and Mechanical type)



      • Dump Valves.

      • Safety Valves.

      • L.C.V. (Level Controlling valve)

      • Gate valve, Butter fly valve

      • Pressure Regulator valve ball valve, Needle valve.

      I Here by declare that all this information provided by me is true in all respects.

      Date : Yours Faithfully

      Place : - [Pravin Mishra]

    • profile image

      Ahmad Hamdan Al-afis 

      7 years ago

      CV. for Ahmad Hamdan Al afis as asst Driller

      Personal Details:

      * Full Name: Ahmad Hamdan Al Afis.

      * Living address: Dier Ez Zor City, Syria Arab Republic

      * Nationality: Syrian..

      * Military Status Completed AS diesel mechanic

      * Email Address:

      * mobile number Syria 00963 956990353

      * Marital status: single .

      * Education; Secondary School


      * Arabic: Native Language.

      * English: Very Good. ( Writing, reading and speaking)


      * I worked as Roustbout & floor man in Adwoc rig 1 from 2005 till 2007 .

      * I worked as derrick man in Sapsco rig 4 in Syria from 2007 till 2008

      * I worked as trai. Asst. Driller in Sapsco rig 2 from 2008 tiil 2009

      * I worked as Assistant Driller in ETA star from 2009 till 2010

      In libya Rig 7 super Rig Capacity of Drawwork 1500 HP . & 3 Mud pumps

      1600 HP Cyper Chair Rig joy stick & touch screen Chains HH Type & top Drive VARCO TDS. 11 Using Cameron BOP Both 21 ¼ “ 3000 PSI &13 5/8” 5000 PSI

      * I working as Assistant Driller in Adwoc rig 1 in Syria from 2010 till now

      More Rules:

      * I have good Experience for dealing Top Drive and Joy Stick cctv monitor and Touch Screen System and brake disc draw works

      * Experienced in Kelly drilling and Work over rigs.

      * Combatable in all aspects of land drilling and work over rigs.

      * Doing all calculations required on the wells operations

      * Operations and Maintenance of mud pump.

      * Responsibility for ensuring that all safety, quality and environmental procedures and instructions are adhered

      * Other duties carried out would be assisting in training of floor men and assisting drillers and derrick-men in rigging and working with specialist service companies


      Seeking a challenging Asst. Driller position at your Company in the oil field.


      * Directs the activity of the drilling floor personnel involved in various drilling activities

      * Competent in executing drilling procedures as per construction.

      * Receives and follows up Driller’s instructions for the repair and maintenance of various drilling equipment such as mud mixer, shale shaker, distiller and de-sander to ensure trouble free operations.

      * Suspension of the Well, Curing Total Losses, Deplete Formation Gas.

      Job Duties:

      * Ensure safe handling of chemicals and petroleum products.

      * Participate with fire fighting team in emergency cases.

      * All the UN safe situations to Eliminate observed unsafe conditions and actions.

      * Have a good communication with the team.

      Computer Skills:

      1. Win 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ Visa.

      2. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook).

      3. Internet Applications & web browsing.

      4. Photoshop and some important designer programs.

      Courses Attended:

      * Fire Fighting * H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide)

      * Use of breathing apparatus. * Emergency Response

      * Safe Handling of Chemicals. * Permit to Work System.

      * Advanced Drilling Practice * Stop For Safety Employee Level

      * First Aid &H2s * IWCF Well Control Driller Level

      * Norm awareness. * Norm Tester

      Summary of this Curriculum Vitae:

      To Whom It May Concern:

      Dear sir sincerely I am interesting for work in your Company in any where

      Dear respected all that above Practical Experiences & Responsibilities & Job Duties,

      I submit my Curriculum Vitae to you for job in your Company as Assistant Driller

      I hope you find job chance in ur. Co. as asst Driller for me & I wish get job

      And I come to ur. co. Assistant Driller soon

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Respectfully yours,

      Sincerely yours,

      Best regards,

      Ahmad Afis

      Ahmad afis Adresses

      E. mail

      E. mail

      Mobile number : 00963 956990353

    • profile image

      Ahmad hamdan alafis 

      7 years ago

      hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am Ahmad hamdan alafis

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i will love to work offshore.................

    • profile image

      Darren Lawrence 

      7 years ago

      Would love to get into drilling Riggs have 1year experience with service riggs

    • profile image

      govind from new delhi, india 

      7 years ago

      hello sir/mam

      i have completed my in electronics nd communication. but i want to make my carrer in drilling field. so give me some suggestion about this field and tell me about a driller's life.

      my mail id is

      thank you

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey there, i am pretty stoked, i just got a job working on the oil rigs in Alberta. Leaving for Rainbow Lake in November.

    • profile image

      Guce 77 

      7 years ago

      I have worked on a rig in eastern utah for 5 years and seen quite a bit. The thing about working on a Oilrig is it ant just a job its a sport, it will consume your hole life I been working 7 days a week 16 hr days for 6 mounts and I've been making more money then any 5 year collage grad. For the new hands that want to start ruffnecking be careful who u work fore ive seen PEOPLE GO INSANE, people get crushed, arms broke half, fingers cut completely off. They dont call it ruffnecking for nuthing!

      Count on bruised musels, smashed and BROKEN fingers, treated like a stray dog that no one wants around the first 6 mounts. After you get thru the first 6 mounts its easer then a walk in the park.

      Im quiting the oil rigs to start my one bisness in Welding but ruffnecking is a good job, good money, good benefits but it isent for everyone if your not fuly confedent about packing up and jumping on a rig DONT WAST YOUR TIME. Halliburton is all ways hiring! Outher then that be safe.

    • profile image

      Michael Quadras 

      7 years ago

      I am ex servicemen of 16 years service (Indian Army)


      excellant in computer

      UAE 3 years as a camp boss

      UAE driving license

      good english

      I required any job in oil sector


    • profile image

      Kin Omar B. Mercader 

      7 years ago

      Sir i am Kin Omar Mercader,Filipino,24 years old and really love to work in oil rigs.I have 2 years experience as a roustabout in Kuwait and i also have knowledge in crane operations.I undergone trainings in OILWELL DRILLING TRAINING DEVELOPMENT CENTER and had this certificates BOSIET,HYDROGEN SULPHIDE(H2S),IADC RIG PASS,WELLCAP,SAFETY AWARENESS,FIRST AID,SEA SURVIVAL,FIRE FIGHTING.Sir please help me to get hired in your company because i really want to work to help my parents and to have a good future.Please contact me in this number if you need my skills +639192234323 or please send me an email

    • profile image

      Evgeny Ivanov 

      8 years ago

      Hello there, I am 21 years old, very hard working with 3 years of experience in construction. I would really love to know how I can get a job at an Oil Rig @ Alberta, preferably a camp job since I am young with not much saved money. Please contact me @ for more information regarding what licenses I should acquire and on how to find a job.

      Thank you very much, Evgeny.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      good luck

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You're all stupid

    • profile image

      kelly kendall 

      8 years ago

      I have been working for patterson fo 1.5 yrs as motorman I would love the oppurtunity to work for a better company please consider this as a need, thank you for your time,p.s. I am 6' 5" 230lbs,american ged grad.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Searching job on Material coordinator in oil & gas exploration field.

      I have 15 years experience in Oil Field Materials and Logistics Management support for all exploration and development drilling operations, construction and production projects, both onshore and offshore.



    • profile image

      ramu akiri 

      8 years ago

      my e mail id is

    • profile image

      ramu akiri 

      8 years ago

      dear sir i have well knowledge in hse field.i want to work in offshore oil rig.recently i have finished NEBOSH IGC.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      hiiii guys....

      anyone having idea how to get job in oil rigs....for that whats qualification req n abt STCW courses req....i m looking for my brother he is 10th passed.....

      if anyone need information abt merchant navy pls let me know....i m working as 2nd off......

      from mumbai, india

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      dear sir

      we are indian base manpower agency .we are suply all rigs catecary

      if you are intrested plz contect us

      our mail id

      abdul wahab

    • profile image

      hi im kenny larocque  

      8 years ago

      i have great strength of a tiger and the brain of a monkey need a hard working man call me

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello sir,

      I have attach my update cv wit this. Am having three years experience in drilling rigs as a roustabout and floor hand in India and at present am in Kuwait. Am looking for a floor hand job and i have a very good experience and very good knowledge about drilling. I have finished my degree in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, and all SAFETY COURSES (STCW95) like elementary first aid, fire fighting and fire prevention, personal survival techniques, personal safety and social responsibility and helicopter under water escape training and also did DIPLOMA IN PETROLEUM EXPLORATION and am having a very good English knowledge. I was very interested in this job. I can work in different outdoor environments. So please go through my cv, and give me a opportunity. I have a very good strength and stamina to do this job. i have a valid police clearance certificate also. So please consider me.please contact me in

    • profile image

      Michael Nishanth 

      8 years ago

      Hello sir,

      I have attach my update cv wit this. Am having three years experience in drilling rigs as a roustabout and floor hand in India and at present am in Kuwait. Am looking for a floor hand job and i have a very good experience and very good knowledge about drilling. I have finished my degree in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, and all SAFETY COURSES (STCW95) like elementary first aid, fire fighting and fire prevention, personal survival techniques, personal safety and social responsibility and helicopter under water escape training and also did DIPLOMA IN PETROLEUM EXPLORATION and am having a very good English knowledge. I was very interested in this job. I can work in different outdoor environments. So please go through my cv, and give me a opportunity. I have a very good strength and stamina to do this job. i have a valid police clearance certificate also. So please consider me.

    • profile image

      Jesse Trenholm 

      8 years ago

      I am looking for a job imediatly, i am a high school graduate from Ontario an i am looking to work for anyone out there that pays good to help me start my life. I would go the extra mile just to work at good well payin company please contact me i need this in my life

      1 705 646 1638

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      My name is Bob Elechi from Nigeria West Africa, I would like to work in an oil rig any where in the world. Am a grauate of Chemical Engineering and had worked as a floorman and a Roustabout for PARKER DRILING NIGERIA LIMITED AND BRITISH OIL ANDGAS EXLPORATION RESPECTIVELY.

      You can reach me on my cell +234-806-4072613


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      first they break you then they rehire you feast or famine .the oilfield sucks.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My email is phone # is 3066207203

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi everyone. I am looking to start working on the rigs. Perferably working on camps that would be what I would really want. I have family in saskatchewan so I would think camp work would be best for me. At the moment I do spray foam for a living ... Wanting to change my stars in life

    • profile image

      ross kennedy 

      8 years ago

      Hi I am a 30 year old guy from Scotland who wants to change his career from Extrution Operator and get onto the oil rigs. I would love to hear from someone who can help?


    • profile image

      Pablo Jabre 

      8 years ago

      Hey guys,

      My name is Pablo I currently work in the airline industry with over 3 years experience, I am a lead ramp agent whos in charge of getting my flights out on schedule departure time.

      I am currently looking for work in the oil rig industry,

      im a hard responsible worker.

      please contact me at

    • profile image


      8 years ago






    • profile image

      Lance Constantine 

      8 years ago

      looking for roughneck work in Canada. worked on a top drive tripple. call 780-832-3599. references avalible

    • profile image

      dave morrison  

      9 years ago

      i need a job

    • profile image

      Mikael Navarrette 

      9 years ago

      im looking for ajob ,i have 9 yrs exp, floors, motors pls help

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hey guys,

      I'm a student in 9th grade at the moment, I'm a 15 year old male that's about to turn 16. I've been in love with oil/natural gas rigs for about a year now and want to get into this field after high school. I was wondering what kind of education i need to have before i try to get into rig work.

    • profile image

      BARRY JOE 

      9 years ago

      My name is Joe Ikechukwu and i have an experience in the oil industry and sincerely wish to be part of any new prospect anywhere in the world.Im in Ghana at the moment and would be willing to work anywhere to be able to get myself engaged and also touch the lives of people from the pay that would come to me.

      I am very hardworking,have team spirit and can work in any environment.My email is to hear any good news.


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      howdy... I'm Vlad in my 20's fit and ready to sweat for some cash.

    • profile image


      9 years ago


      im a student in grade 10 at the moment. im a 16 year old female. and i was wondering what kind of other information i should no about rigs. i want to work the rigs when im done school. but i do not no what kind of education and training i need.

    • profile image

      yudi purnama/ email : 

      9 years ago

      my jobs in drilling rigs for onshore and offshore with totaly experience is 18years , hands on , repair and maintenance of rig equipments / offshore cranes / heavy equipments / etc .


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