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SEMRush Review - Tool for Google organic and AdWords competitors keywords research

Updated on October 21, 2016

SEMRush Review - Tool for Google organic and AdWords competitors keywords Research

Well last day I explained a review of SpyFu, a nice tool to spy your competitor's Adwords keywords and domain search.In this hub today I tried to explain a advance SEO tool named SEMRush which can be used to research different domains and their adword keyword.It is developed by team responsible to work on SEODigger and seoquake firefox plugin.

SEMRush has database of 80000000+ keywords and over 41000000+ domains.It mainly works on US domain of

Some of the SEMRush features includes:

  • Check your competitors stats
  • One of the features has organic keyword search, makes it real good
  • Check landing pages of your competitors
  • Discover which long tail keywords fits you
  • Check google ranking of any sites
  • View what keyword your competitors bidding and its cost
  • Find your probable advertisers
  • Find potential source of traffic

My review:

When you first open, you can see a search box where you can either type a domain name or a keyword search.First option will be Get google keywod for any site.You can give a domain name and you can see all the keywords they are using to advertise on adwords.You can also see the cost, traffic,competition and important info about the URL.

The next report contains keywords of a particular site.Now you can see all keyword related to a site.As an example I have mentioned what keywords ebay is using in the adword can see volume,cpc,traffic and cost also.There is an option for export in to excel or csv, after which you can export in to adwords.Also you have the option of browsing Google domain of UK,RU,DN,FR and ES.

The next report helps you to view your competitors keywords,traffic and price.This report surely helps you to find your ranking relative to can check what keywords they are bidding and cost if it

The next report is very intresting and it contains a pie chart and a graphical representation of search engine traffic comparison.You can see how much difference is there for you and your competitor.It also contains SE traffic cost,Adword CPC its price in pictorial form, making it easier to see.

Every adword PPC campaigner always want to see hiddden or low cost keyword, which can fetch him more clicks and customer.Semrush has one more tool for this.It will show your low cost and hidden keyword which you can use to minimize cost of PPC campaign.

The last part contains a customized reports for different domains.This is very much like data warehousing.This tool regularly keep updated its database with Google SERP related information.This includes adwords campaigns of over 80 million domains with CPC,keywords,volume of search etc.You can even ask SEMRush to order customized data for you.

Overall I noticed Its a good arsenal, if you are a serious adwords campaigner.I am not sure how much it will be useful for small business.Its price is though little higher:.It has a free login but it contains limited reports.If you will go for paid version you have to spend at least $69.95/month.To check out detail price visit here.

Video Review of SEMRush


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    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 6 years ago from India

      Thanks favourking.. well the best place is hubpages itself.. search here and you will get many hubs.just keep on writing quality articles and the earning will increase..

    • favourking profile image

      favourking 6 years ago from Ireland,Kildare

      nice article, im still trying to figure out how to earn money through hubpages or google adsense??