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SEO Specialist Job Description

Updated on July 15, 2014
SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist | Source

What an SEO Specialist Does

There are many people who claim to be experts in search engine optimization and have tons of advice for people on how to do it. However, this advice will not go far if one only claims to be an expert in the field. An SEO specialst has to be truly an expert in the field of search engine optimization. It is critical for websites to be ranked highly in Google in order for them to succeed. This is why the job of and SEO specialist was made. Now let us take a look at what an SEO specialist does from day to day.

SEO Specialist Activities

Many SEO specialists are also web designers or people that know a lot about building websites. This is because they have to know code, how to design simple web design templates, and even how to build links. They are market savvy and also know how to use social media in order to optimize their websites and drive the most amount of traffic. There are many SEO experts out there because it is easy for someone to label themselves as one. However, being an seo specialist requires that you make clients happy. The best way to make them happy is to get their websites ranking on the top spots of Google. SEO specialists also do not just work as freelancers and many work in companies and corporations. They have to have excellent communication skills as they will have to deal not just with one department such as Information Technology Department.

SEO Specialist Is A Constantly Changing Field

Being an SEO specialist does not require a college degree as much as it requires learning over time. What works one day might not work the next so therefore it is important that all SEO specialists are constantly updating their knowledge to be better each and every day. Education can very helpful even it is not in a classroom in college. Not many colleges teach search engine optimization so an SEO expert has to know hot to do his job from experience and technique. Being an SEO specialist is pretty lucrative with an average pay of $42,000 a year with benefits such as health care and a great 401K plan. You can also do this job as a Freelancer but it would be harder to prove your credentials because you cannot easily prove that you yourself helped rank the website to the top spot of Google. It is also not an easy job, this is because it requires that you rank websites even for the toughest and most saturated niches. Niches such as guitars and boats can be hard to rank for because they are saturated with competitors that have been online for years. So this is not always an easy job because you are graded based upon your job performance and not just work.

Should You Become An SEO Specialist?

Being an SEO specialist is not easy and requires continued education and effort. However, if you want to put in the time and effort you can get a good job with nice pay and benefits. You should start learning and sharpening your skills and eventually ranking websites. Start by looking online and learning about search engine optimization. Once you rank a lot of websites, you can use that as a resume of many companies that are looking for SEO specialists. This is great because it only requires time and effort and little money. Before you know it, you will be teaching SEO to other people that know little about it! If you don't think you want to be an seo specialist but are still interested in the web design industry you should check out the web graphic designer job description.

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