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SEO Tips for Making $100 Per Day as an SEO Copywriter

Updated on January 4, 2010

SEO Tips for Getting to the $100/Day Mark -- Consistently

When many think of freelance writers, they conjure up the image of a the proverbial starving artist. And, surprisingly enough, many freelance writers have bought into this line of thinking. This is why many settle for gigs that pay $1 for 400-500 word keyword articles, for example. No thank you! If you provide SEO copywriting services, you don’t have to settle for this kind of pay. Following are some SEO tips for making a minimum of $100 per day – and quite possibly even more.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make?

Before we delve into the SEO tips for making $100 per day or more as a freelance writer, let’s put the salary for these professionals in some kind of context.

According to the Department of Labor, the average salary for full-time freelance writers ranges from a low of $35,000 to a high of $60,000. Median earnings are right around $44,000. While this is above the average annual salary across America -- which is about $30,000 – freelance writers are not a starving lot (they just carry the reputation of being so).

However, you can do much better than this as a freelance writer – with the SEO tips dispensed below. If you don’t make at least $100 per day as an SEO writer -- even if you're new to the game -- you're doing something wrong in my opinion. Why? Because this is a particularly lucrative freelance writing niche.

SEO Tips for Setting Your SEO Copywriting Rates

Learn to Pass and/or Say No to Certain Jobs

This is probably one of the best SEO tips you will receive as a search engine optimization writer. What this means is, when you see $1 or $3 SEO article writing gigs, pass! Don’t even entertain applying to them – they’re not worth your time.

With rates like this, it's easy to see why many think of freelance writers as starving artists. But as the figures cited above bear out, we’re not. So, don’t even buy into acting like it by applying to gigs like this.

SEO Tips for Getting Bulk Writing Jobs

When you’re trying to make a minimum of $100 per day as an SEO copywriter, you can do it in one of three ways – via bulk writing jobs, offering other services or by charging right (which we’ll discuss momentarily).

Getting bulk writing jobs is probably one of the easiest ways to reach this monetary goal. And in SEO, this is not terribly difficult. The nature of the game is for clients to request more than one SEO article. I’ve written as many as 22 in one day; I average three to four.

If clients don’t request more than one article – ask if they need content for their blog, their newsletter, some sister sites, undeveloped sites that they haven’t gotten around to getting content for yet, etc.

Note: You’d be amazed at how many clients have multiple sites that they haven’t gotten around to developing yet. Some have hundreds -- and they all need content. The SEO copywriter who provides it could be you – if you ask.

SEO Tips for Offering Other SEO Writing Services

Clients need all types of content – not just articles. Ask if you can do some blog posts, some press releases, some social media marketing, some forum posting, etc. All of these are services a full-service SEO writing firm should offer.

Two SEO articles at $35/each and 2 blog posts at $25/each puts you over the $100 per day mark.

See how easy it can be to make $100 per day or more as an SEO copywriter.

SEO Tips for Pricing Your Services Right

This is where most small business owners fall flat on their face. It’s not just freelance writers; all small biz owners suffer from what I call “the fear of charging a living wage.”

You write to make a living – not to see your name in print. After all, you won’t receive a byline for 100% of the content you produce as an SEO copywriter for clients.

And if you're not prepared to charge right – then get out of the game because you will be a starving artist before the day is over.

I’ve been an SEO copywriter since 2007. Following are my personal SEO copywriting rate guidelines.

Charge Right Or Get Out of the Game!

The following is one of those SEO tips you should bookmark and come back to when you get discouraged by low-paying SEO writing jobs: ie, you should charge a minimum of $25 for SEO articles of 350-500 words. I charged $25 per 350-500 word article when I first started. Now I’m up to $35-$75 (depends on the nature of the content).

In my opinion, this has become somewhat of a rock-bottom industry standard for firms that care about their brand and image.

Charge less and you could actually lose clients. Why/how?

Most firms will think that you’re a non-English speaking, unprofessional, second-rate SEO content provider if you charge less. They will think that they’re going to have to rework bad, keyword stuffed, third-world grammar content.

I actually had one firm ask me how I could afford to charge so little (and this was at my current rate of $35+ per article). No kidding! I told him that I charged what I need to live – and that my rates worked fine for me.

SEO Tips on Learning from Successful Search Engine Optimization Writers

There are SEO copywriters who routinely charge $100-$200 per article. Keep this in mind and stick to your pricing guns when you’re tempted by a low-paying job.

When to charge less: $25 is already very cheap for good, original content. But if a client is placing bulk orders (eg, 10 or 20 articles at a time) then charging less per article may land you longer-term clients. Just don't be too quick to lower your rates though. Trust me $25 for a 350-500 word SEO article is a cheap rate!

SEO Tips on Why Making $200-$400 Per Day Is Easy to Do

If you start out with $25 per article as your rock bottom rate, just by writing four SEO articles a day, you will earn $100. And again, as most clients who solicit your SEO copywriting services will order more than one piece of content, you can pretty easily pull in $150, $200 or $300 per day.

SEO copywriting is a very lucrative freelance writing niche. And, if you're not making at least $100 per day, you're doing something wrong in my humble opinion. I hope these SEO tips help you to see how possible this is.

SEO Copywriting Rates

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SEO Tips for on Making More as an SEO Writers


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    • Glemoh101 profile image

      Glemoh101 7 years ago

      To be copywriter this need some skills like good writing and fluent in English

    • profile image

      James Abugah 7 years ago

      Great advice. I recently go a request to do 350 words for INR 40 that's barely a dollar. Can you imagine!!

    • profile image

      Yuwanda Black 8 years ago

      @copywriter31 RE " wish copywriters making a living from their businesses would come together and form a sort of alliance, a meeting of the minds to stick with your fair-priced guns"

      I do too, but there will always be those who go lower and we are a free enterprise system after all. I just think though that if you can't get a decent wage for your work as a freelance writer, you should just do something else, not take on the "sweat shop mentality" and hope things will get better. They never do.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      @Neil Ashworth Glad you found the post useful, and you're right, at $1 per, you truly do get what you pay for.

      Best, and continued success.

    • Neil Ashworth profile image

      George Poe 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      I have bookmarked this for further viewing but have to say it amazes me how many niches are bombarded with poor seo content but I guess at $1 per article that's what you get.. Neil

    • copywriter31 profile image

      James Ranka 8 years ago from Port Neches

      I wish copywriters making a living from their businesses would come together and form a sort of alliance, a meeting of the minds to stick with your fair-priced guns.

      "Copywriters" charging $1/article are insane!

      My absolute, rock bottom price for a Writers 31 SEO article is $50 for 300 words or less... do I get A LOT of business? No. But I DO get QUALITY business.

      Businesses I write for, KNOW they are receiving priceless, FREE advertising that grows with the article's popularity.

      Nice hub.