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Updated on July 7, 2012
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author


Making money online

How many times have you heard that the way to riches is through problem solving? Also, that knowledge is power only when it is used to solve a problem. This simple idea is true for making money online. Well, you will ask me, "how?" The problem with making money is that the solution is hidden in the problem. Most people waste time thinking of not having money, but the solution to the problem is to see the problem as an opportunity to make money. Money does not solve the problem of money, but real knowledge applies to problem solving in creating valuable products and services is the answer to money problem. The problem is the same whether online or offline. If you want to be rich or wealthy you need to start solving problems. Do not ask what you will get but rather what you will give. What am I going to give or contribute to solve this problem that people are facing? Look around you problem solvers are rich. This is because they push themselves forward to create solution to peoples problems. The add value to peoples live and people in turn add value to their lives. Simple, this is the route to all forms of blessing.

In this article, I will share with you three tips on how to make money online by identifying, creating and selling products or services that people need.


  • Find a hot market

The importance of research in the information age cannot be overemphasized. Understanding what people need in a given market - niche or category is very important fundamental for you becoming a player in the online business. You may have special knowledge in this area or you may not. But either way you need to be able to research the market in question. Luckily, there are a lot of search engines in the internet like the Google, yahoo, and bing to mention but these few where you can have idea on what is hot. Moreover you can find out what is hot from shopping site like Amazon, E bay and a host of other shopping sites in the internet, Sometimes you may not need to search out a hot market, but may be you have a special skill, knowledge, aptitude, or experience that people are in dire need to learn. Well, if this is your situation that settles it. Once you have found a hot market the next thing is to discover what they need.

  • Discover what they need

As I mentioned in the introduction, you need to be a problem solver for you to create valuable product or service. You do not go around looking for a every problem but you need to find a good problem. What is a good problem? One that you might be able to solve with a solution that you can sell. Here are four palces to look for problems to solve.

Look for Information Gaps

If you do a Google search for a product what types of information are you getting. What are people looking for? The whole idea about the search is about information. Go to forums in the internet and find out what they are looking for based on the input from the discussion board. At the end of the day the idea about a business is to solve problem. Assuming that you desire to create an information valuable information that people are looking for a narrow market where can meet people's expectations. Hence, if you want to work in this area as an "infopreneur" you will be looking into books, articles, e-books, and guides; training, education, conferences, and consulting, and specific types of coaching. The areas here is limitless and might well depend on your skill, talent or gifts.

Businesses you can standardize

Find out what others have done or are doing in a particular area. Can you do it better? Can you create a franchise or innovate a new brand for a product or service in terms of marketing and management.

Products or Services you can improve

Is there any product or service that you can tailor made or copy. For example, find what is working in a market and reproduce it or transfer the idea to another market for maximum impact.

Social and business trends

Successful products and services often base their success on trends. What are trends? Trends are temporary changes in people's attitudes and behavior due to social, demographic, political, technological and economic developments. Watch out for the following trends - Environmental concerns, Alternative energy sources, health, fitness and organic foods, Aging of the population and technological trends. Most of the time these trends are good pointers to emerging markets and new opportunities.

  • Give it to them

Taking the action to create, launch, market and distribute the product or service is the most important aspect of the whole process. If you are able to do 1 and 2 but not 3 you will remain where you are. This requires commitment and great determination. You need every knowledge or information you must gather in product development so as to become fluent in this area. Find out those who have done it before and ask them how they did it. Learn all you need to learn in your desired area. Can you create a website to be able to sell your products? If you cannot there are host of information in the internet on this

Remember, making money on line might be a dream for you now. But to reach your goal you must determine the process to your goal. That process to making money on line is the knowledge, skill, experience, idea, gift, talent, and solution to the problem that you bring to the market place. It's the beginning of you online journey to making money. Start now!


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