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Seven Most Wanted Professions and Career in the Future

Updated on March 31, 2016

Ready to Create your Future?

What do you want to be in the future? What kind of profession that has great impact for the world and gave you great advantages? Ten years ago, profession such animator, web designer, electronic voucher trader, is never been thinking. Now the professional in those fields become millionaire and enjoy their life. Make sure your future in your hand.

You are going to college and did not know how to choose the major or subject that has great impact for your future career. Because you are confuse, might be you choose “classic” subject like economic, law, or tech, etc. Wait a minute, after graduated you will face very hard competition. While sending your resume, might be you work for part time job. It is not so bad at all, but it is better you can choose your career based on seven most wanted professions in the future: Design and Creative, Technology and Engineering; Technology, Information and Communication (TIC), Language and Communication, Planology, Health and Education, and Business Entrepreneurship. Which one will make you famous professional someday?

1. Design and Creative Industry

Product and trade always need innovation and creativity. There are so many opportunities for brilliant designer. Product design will play important role in product production and marketing. They design new brand, logos, car design, shoes, toys, electricity’s, and health product. Fine Art and design graduated will be needed by many industries because whatever the products of course required a design. If you have talent in picture and drawing, this is a great profession for your future.

2. Technology and Engineering

Be a skillful employees is a great advantages. Most of student has a dram become a boss as soon as possible after graduated. It is a good dream but being having a professional skill is more important as your based of life. Engineering and technology always needed as long as development growing and of course it is job opportunity for you. A brilliant engineer usually got high salary. Are you interesting to be skillful technician or engineer?

Facebook CEO and Owner, Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO and Owner, Mark Zuckerberg | Source

3. Technology, Information, and Communication

Computer and multimedia is growing fast now, but many people thought that it is a difficult study. All thing has their own difficult part, so if you loves computer, educated yourself to be TIC expert. Maybe you will be the next Bill Gates, billionaire of media and technology. You will learn how to create hardware and software.

Content development, database designer, games, software and hardware industries, animation and movie studio, and many more office needs your outstanding idea and talent. Are you ready for the next Mark Zuckerberg, young, rich, and smart?

4. Language and Communication

Faculty of Letter and Communication graduated has wonderful opportunity in the era of information now. You can be translator, interpreter, news presenter, book writer, blog syndicate writer, consulate staff, tourism, and international affair. Globalization and international trading has moving the world where language and communication experts are needed. Internet makes this world too small and people who has language and communication skill will be their respectful citizen. Are you ready going to China for practicing your Chinese language course? What will you trading from there?

5. Planology

Planology help investor and government to design the city and environment planning. Land in the city is so expensive. Just rich person is able to but landed house. Most of people are living in apartment. City needs Planology that playing important role in design the environmental planning. Industry and real estate of course should have master plan that relevant with city development planning. A planologist will help both government and investor to design master plan; macro and micro. Can you design an apartment building in the down town?

6. Health and Education

Everybody need good health and education, aren’t they? Nowadays people did not only need health but more about quality of life and health. Physiotherapy and pharmacy will make you health expert. People looking for new medicine and herbal or natural medicine. Become educator also gave great advantages. Autism educator got high salary today. Health is a huge industry today where people spend lot money for it. Are you ready to take those benefits?

 Howard Schultz, Chief Executive Starbucks
Howard Schultz, Chief Executive Starbucks | Source

7. Business Entrepreneurship

If you did not want to be employee, entrepreneurship is your excellent choice. You can trade your idea, invention, or creativity. Many people become billionaire since they decide to be business entrepreneurship. Just remember the Starbucks coffee shop, do you know the story? If you have high skill in tech, you can be “Technopreneur”. If you have good idea about social idea to make better life, you can be social entrepreneurship. Which one do you like?

Tips: Future is in Your Hand

Most of people did not happy with their job because they did not choose their major or skill wisely. “Do what you like and like what you do” is marvelous advice to all of us. Remember, campus or college is just general place to get education.


You can educate yourself if you do not have money for it. Many and many autodidact, self-taught person, becomes success because they use their brain, talent, and idea.

Remember, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg did not finish his Harvard, but you know who he is. There are many "Bill Gates" out there.

Your future is in your hand.

Tip: Are you affraid of Success and Money?

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