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Simplicity at work

Updated on February 8, 2011

Adobe uses the tag-line 'Simplicity at Work'

I thought it was a great starting point to put together 5 simple, yet effective ideas / tips for success at work!

I think tag-lines are fun!

I think writing tag-lines is more fun!

I think trying to make sure your entire organization embodies and works that tag line is funniest of all.
So, a tribute to the great marketers of our age (some older, some younger) I decided to use brand taglines to think of some personal success ideas.

For the complete list go to

I am a huge fan of simplicity. Huge.
I love those thumb rules, I love trying to put an idea down on one page of A4, I love trying to explain a concept to a 6 yr old.
Simplicity works. Its as simple as that.

Here are 5 ideas:

- Tell people what to expect from you

- Say NO

- Learn your boss's job
its part of the success principle I have. two simple yet very effective work success - learn your boss' job & teach your job to someone else

- work on one long term project at all times
it does not matter how crazy your current schedule is or how busy you are fighting fires, always work on one project that is longterm. something that can deliver results (financial, personal, societal etc is upto you) without you doing much. passive returns and leaving a legacy

- live in the NOW, with gratitude
learn to appreciate all the small small gifts that you have been blessed with.


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