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Snail Mail Advertising with Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

Updated on May 26, 2009

In business, you have to be extra creative to ensure success with all your marketing efforts. You must rely on every venue and scheme that will allow you to target the right market and capture their attention before your competitors can beat you to it. One of the most trusted ways when it comes to this trick is by marketing with postcards.

It may sound old and overused, but the fact that there are still many businesses that use postcard marketing proves one thing. They are still a working method to advertise and spread word about your business. Marketing postcards are still very much effective, and are valuable tool to reach new customers or clients.

Postcard Marketing is a Direct Mail Advertising Method That Converts
Postcard Marketing is a Direct Mail Advertising Method That Converts

Using Direct Mail Marketing Postcards

If you still have your hesitations about marketing with postcards, consult with business contacts who use this direct mail advertising method to help you must eliminate doubt and move forward to make it all work out to your advantage.

The first thing that you have to take note of is how you will distribute your marketing postcards. The easiest way to go about it is through snail mail advertising. Other methods including distributing at local businesses that attract foot traffic, placing in grocery store bulletin boards, or setting up booths at relevant trade fairs and passing out to interested prospects.

Because so many companies are also resorting to postcard marketing, you have to make your items stand out so that their recipients will not be won't see them as spammy and junk them immediately.

Your target market is being bombarded with so many advertising materials from various companies that are promoting all sorts of products and services. They are receiving a fair amount of marketing postcards each time they check their mailboxes, that is why they have learned to sort them out.

You don't really expect consumers to go about each of those postcard marketing materials and read every offer. But you do want to make every best effort to catch your prospects attention with eye catching material. Your marketing dollar is valuable and you want to convince consumers that your product is something they need and will benefit their lifestyle.

Postcard Marketing Tips

Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you will be able to give your target audience marketing postcards that they will find hard to resist.

  1. Make sure that you create a headline that will capture their complete attention. You must remember that you need the recipients of the cards to hold on to them as long as they could or until they have been convinced of your marketing piece. You can start to achieve that by giving them a mind boggling or head blowing headline that will make them want to read the rest of the message. Hiring A Copywriter can be most beneficial to make the most of your postcard marketing dollar

  2. Use the kind of design that will suit the preference of your target audience. You will know about this aspect after you have done your market research before you start distributing marketing materials like postcards. You can hire a professional graphic designer to render their services, or you can also choose a website that caters to such needs.
  3. Personalize the cards to your busines as much as possible. You can talk to the printing company that will handle the project regarding this aspect.


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    • profile image

      Josh C. Manheimer 7 years ago

      Often, however, postcards are not enough to build a one-to-one relationship and sell a complex message. In that case, consider going with a letter in an envelope and hiring a professional freelance direct response copywriter.