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Social Media Marketing

Updated on September 21, 2013

- Have you ever worked in sales?

- What percentage calls did you have got to form before you truly connected with someone?

- What percentage emails did you transfer that ne'er got replies?

Not many folks can spare the time to speak to a alien World Health Organization is making an attempt to sell them one thing.

But forward-thinking salesperson’s area unit clutches a brand new approach to interrupt down these previous communication barriers: social media.

Tech-savvy staff area unit currently victimization social media on the work to watch potential purchasers and competitors, gather knowledge, network and more - and it’s giving them a footing over the competition. A recent study found that salesperson’s victimization social media on the work outperformed peers not victimization it by a humongous 73%. They conjointly exceeded their quotas 23% a lot of usually than their counterparts World Health Organization weren't victimization social media.

I know social media will boost sales success as a result of I have seen it work my very own company. At Hoot Suite, all of our sales individual’s faucet into social networks daily to interact clients. (It’s not the sole a part of their method of course; phones and email area unit still priceless tools.)

Here are unit 3 tips for creating the foremost of social media as a sales tool:

1. Use Social Media to interrupt the Ice: Social media may be good resources for gaining distinctive insights into leads that may assist you create a lot of impaction 1st contact. Last year, for instance, we tend to land brand new company shopper thanks in giant half to Twitter. When following one in all the client’s call manufacturers on the social network for months, one in all my sales reps detected that the manager continuously tweeted stormily concerning his love of McDonald’s seasonal McRib burger. thus once the rep eventually set it absolutely was time to achieve out and create contact, he used their mutual passion for the menu item as associate degree icebreaker in associate degree email (writing in the intro something along the lines of “It’s McRib season again. . . ."). Talk of his favorite sandwich extremely grabbed the exec’s attention. He responded, resulting in a lot of exchanges and eventually a significant sale.

And social media isn’t only for icebreakers. this sort of investigation may be accustomed uncover crucial info on businesses, enabling salesmen to optimally time their reaching.

2. Faucet Into Social Networks For hotter Referrals: Social media may be a significant quality in obtaining individuals to be a lot of receptive to you. as an example, another rep at Hoot Suite recently united previous and new techniques to land a gathering with an enormous potential shopper. He 1st stumbled on an editorial within the Bean town Globe a couple of new initiative being launched by a significant communications company. The article happened to say the C level government World Health Organization was leading the initiative. When a fast search on LinkedIn, the rep discovered that he had a 1st level affiliation in common with the manager. He documented the mutual affiliation as he reached out, and surprisingly, detected back in half-hour.

Had our rep tried the normal route of line or emailing, it’s unlikely he would have received such an on the spot response or any response in the slightest degree, for that matter. None of this, of course, is rocket science. A heat referral is thought to extend the odds the chances the p.c ages of sales success by two hundred to four hundred percent. What’s new and powerful here is investing social media to remodel a chilly referral into a heat one.

3. Catch New Opportunities with Social Media: there's nothing a lot of tragic than a lost chance in sales. Our sales reps have found one simple thanks to avoid them working with departments (other than simply marketing) to achieve valuable intel.

For example, one in all our client support reps recently noticed someone on Twitter protesting a couple of unsatisfying sales demo they’d simply had with one in all our major competitors. She now blasted the message over to a sales manager, victimization our internal tasking tool. The manager took it from there, wanting up the tweeter’s skilled info on LinkedIn and so pursuit down his contact info. These all complete up changing into a promising new chance value tens of thousands greenbacks. Of purchaser’s area unit happy to listen to from America during this manner and to be offered a possible resolution to their business downside.

Social media-assisted mercantilism isn’t simply happening at my company. a lot of and a lot of salespeople in each giant and little businesses area unit adopting social media. Last year for instance, IBM rumored that they saw a shocking 400% surge in their sales when implementing their social mercantilism pilot program.

Tapped into social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook company pages, and Twitter, salespeople will empower themselves with helpful info and information that provides them a very competitive edge.

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Social media won’t essentially replace the phone or email; however it’s a brand new and revolutionary tool that sales departments will raise their arsenal.


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