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Social media and passion

Updated on May 28, 2015

Oklahoma Land rush

The social media of the day did more for the land rushes than could have been done without them.
The social media of the day did more for the land rushes than could have been done without them. | Source

The importance of social media

Social media is probably the most important consideration for anyone wishing to earn on the internet. Everything you do should be tied to it. This is important because the search engine “bots” depend highly on this type of media for the majority of how you will rank. In essence what happens within your social media will make or break you online. This doesn’t mean constantly be posting links to your fans and followers. In the past few years writers have started using social media to increase interest while they are writing. It has also gained value for short article writers.

Most important paragraph in the article

To understand what this means you have to understand “what was” versus “what is”. In the past search engines ranked on keyword optimization and back links. While these still have some bearing they are now just a small part of the whole picture. Something which is not optimized can rank high on a search engine based mostly now by how those on your social sites react to you. Likes, tweets, and social sharing will boost your worth to a search engine. If you have no website of your own the only way people learn what makes you different and worth following is what your social sites and articles contain.

Are you creating the right value with social media?

With social media your goal is to create home runs.
With social media your goal is to create home runs. | Source

Hobbies and interests which you are passionate about

What are your hobbies? What would you be doing if you had more money and time? Is there a subject which will get you talking for hours? One of our fan pages uses amateur photography, travel articles and other articles we find which we believe will give value to our fans. We tale the time to point out what makes a good photograph, as well as mistakes made while taking the photograph, to help others avoid our mistakes.

Above all honesty counts. Be who you are, people will be more interested in knowing the real person than something manufactured thinking others will like better. With Google's proposed honesty update this will become even more important.

It has been recommended to us more than once to make an apology when we find we have made a mistake. It has also been recommended not to use the word "sorry." An apology can be worded without this over used and in today’s world almost meaningless word.

Social media should be used for your personal passion

Your facebook profile needs to be based on a personal passion. Fan pages are for business. Even those should show a little of your personality. There are two reasons for this. You will be more willing to post to this type of media if you are sharing your passion. People like to see the differences and similarities in others. Those help you relate on a personal level. Don’t fear distracters, if you have knowledge enough, use them to your advantage. Distracters have a way of making our blood boil and really brings out the passion in us. Handled properly a distracter will help your cause. One thing we learned is thanking them for their help will usually make them disappear after they have served their purpose.

Knowledge creates value

Think about those things you know a lot about or have a genuine interest in. Let your followers be your guides if gaining knowledge applies. This promotes interaction. The more interaction a search engine sees the more value it gives you. If you are just starting don’t take everything shared at face value. To gain the total truth you have to research the information given. This research will actually give you more education on the subject. It won’t take long until others will want to know what new knowledge you have gathered.

Social media covers

Have you ever noticed especially on Facebook and Google+, when people click your name your profile cover comes up? These covers define us whether or not we choose to accept it. Never leave them blank. Always choose a picture of graphic you believe resonates with your audience. They should be sized to fit before you put them in place. Remember there is more than device people can access your social media. Your covers should show well on all devices.

Example of social media cover

Social media covers are seen by more people than most are aware. What you use should reflect value to those who see them.
Social media covers are seen by more people than most are aware. What you use should reflect value to those who see them. | Source

Your best effort is what it takes to succeed with social media

Take time choosing your passion. If you feel forced to do it quickly chances are in a short period of time you won’t be happy and won’t put forth your best effort. It is always going to take your best effort to succeed online. What you are “selling” is you! Once you have chosen by all means start with your social media. Waiting will cost you time and money.

© Feb 13, 2012 updated May 28, 2015 By Dennis Thorgesen of Lisech Global Ventures Inc All rights reserved

The Oklahoma land rush filled the land surrounding this city

Sharing your work and the work of others

Do you have your social media working for you?

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