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Best Social Networking Sites for Jobs and Business

Updated on January 10, 2015
Trying to find a job can be like finding that last sock in the dryer! Social networking sites for business and employment can make the discovery and capture easier.
Trying to find a job can be like finding that last sock in the dryer! Social networking sites for business and employment can make the discovery and capture easier. | Source

Career and Social Network Sites for Business and Jobs

The following information contains approximately two dozen different social networking sites that can help you in a job search, job advancement, freelance work, and career planning. The more people you know, the more contacts you have for finding your dream job!

Alumni Networking at Online Sites for Most Colleges and Universities

Contact the Career Services or Alumni Affairs office at your college or university to find alumni career networking contacts.

Alumni at

Find fellow alumni from a specific company, high school, university, and among other organization affiliations.

Bright Star

Bright Circles alumni community lets current and former employees from leading companies and organizations stay in touch.

Classmates at

Find high school, college, military and workplace (in the Work and Careers Directory) connections. Friends and colleagues are ideal job search networking resources.

Facebook is still a site that can by useful to resume posters and job seekers. Join one of the job search or business groups at the site.

Fast Company at

Company of Friends is a community of self-organizing groups of business leaders and innovators. Members help each other improve their careers, companies, and communities.

Friendster at

Friendster is a social networking site where you can meet new friends and connect with old ones, stay in touch and browse to find people with similar interests. and are the leading job openings aggregators for America. Both have resume posting options, forums, and surveys about companies answered by current and former employees and management,

Jobster at

Create a profile that includes a YouTube-hosted video information about your background, tags, and a personalized URL you can use to share your digital resume with employers.


This is the Number One High Tech growth company for 2013 - 2014. With both paid and free memberships, it offers a client base of serious career people, employees hoping to advance, and students making business connections. If you become a member, include your LinkedIn link on your resume and business cards.

LinkedIn is a networking tool which provides access to LinkedIn Jobs, a relationship-powered job network that allows professionals to search job listings and discover inside connections to hiring managers, HR professionals and recruiters.

LinkedIn: Following Up with Potential Employers

Advice on how to follow up on inside connections at potential employers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Basics

Career Networking

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting - Executive Edition: Learn to Network. Get a Job.
The 20-Minute Networking Meeting - Executive Edition: Learn to Network. Get a Job.

This book is great, because it shows you how to shorten meetings and make solid, long-lasting connections of the kind that all concerned will appreciation. Not everything happens online!


Meet-Up Work and Careers

The Meet-Up social networking site enables users to find groups of people with interests that match theirs, including job seeking, business start-ups, and other income-producing activities. Check the Work and Careers category or browse a variety of other topics.

Monster Networking at

This is one of the largest job search engines on the Internet. Register with Monster to search for job search networking contacts by keyword, occupation, company, school or location. Keep track of career networking contacts and messages. Additional benefits (for a fee) like Instant Messaging for VIP Members.

MySpace at

Create your own MySpace profile and find people with similar interests. I have viewed several resumes on MySpace that look very good.

Ning at

Create your own social network with Ning.

Ryze Business Networking

Network at Ryze to grow your career, contact businesses, clients, and workers, and even to find a job. This is a free networking-oriented home page and messaging service. Three people I know locally have belonged to this site for several years and are quite pleased with its effectiveness.


Vault Message Boards

Online discussion forums for a variety of career topics, undergraduate and graduate schools, industries and companies. These are an excellent sources for networking to find career and company information.


The largest online discussion community for business women in the world. Use the network to find jobs, get resume help, to connect with other businesswomen, and get all sorts of business, career and other advice.


© 2007 Patty Inglish


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