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Starting Your Own Business Online Without Spending Additional Money

Updated on April 28, 2016

Finding The Right Way To Make Money For You

It's not easy being a first timer when it comes to earning money, trust me, I've been there, but once you get started you can't stop and you'll find that working independently is the best thing that has ever happened to you. There are so many ways you can start, however it would be wise to note that just like any job you won't be promoted to manager on the first day. You might start off earning $0.2 cents a day, but if you invest your time wisely in finding different occupations throughout your solo career you'll find that your earning has increased to $100 a day and you're not even breaking a sweat. The concept is simple, have your eggs in multiple baskets, your businesses won't ever all die out, neither would you ever be without profit.

So Where do you start?

Well, I would recommend you pick a skill, any skill and convert it into something you could use. Writing articles for one, which I myself am doing right now, is a way you could earn a good profit. Create logos, business plans, or you could advertise for people for a profit, kick and scream as you give it your all for your business because profit won't be earned from the first day, but when income starts rolling in it's sweet and tasty. Remember it's important to examine your skills before you start, and you'll find plenty of sources online.

The Best Money Making Websites in my opinion:


Fiverr is a great website when it comes to making money online by selling your services or products. The website offers a new way to interact with customers, ensuring that you get your money and they get their product. After having used Fiverr for some time I found that if you are planning a full time Fiverr service without any other side jobs or ways of gaining income, you might want to rethink that because it's likely that you're not going to earn anything for the first few weeks, also it helps to remember that advertising your services on social media is the best way of getting customers to your product, whether it be logo designing, professional animation, article writing or selling a products you from your home.


Making Youtube videos and earning money by advertising for others on your videos is a great way to start, especially if you have a superstar's interest in entertainment.

Making money online is easy!
Making money online is easy!
Youtube videos make money by advertising!
Youtube videos make money by advertising!
Fiverr makes money by selling your services!
Fiverr makes money by selling your services!


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