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Starting with Chacha as a Vetter

Updated on November 14, 2012

There are many ways online to make a little extra cash. is one of them. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment, trivia questions, helping people, and working from home, then you should look into it.

So, I have just signed up to be a guide. There are four different guides that help answer people's questions: Vetter, Generalist, Expeditor, and Transcriber. Note: Right now, they are only looking for Vetters (11/14/2012).

I'm here to explain to you exactly what the start-up process is like for Vetters. First, you will find a page specifically explaining what guides are and which would fit you the best. Second, you will be directed to guide registration. Third, you will go to the official guide page for a brief test and training. Fourth, your training continues with readiness test before your final exam.

I'm currently in the process of training just prior to readiness test. This is just the first hub on starting as a guide with Chacha. I am writing from the perspective of a hard of hearing person attempting to get a job with Chacha.

Requires: Positive attitude, quick reaction time, and a desire to help people.

First Step: What is a Vetter?

In Chacha's words:

Vetters are an integral part of the world’s most unique Rapid Response information squad, spinning out answers in real-time to millions of people on the go!

The action is always fast and exciting for Vetters, whose main task is to match incoming questions with the best available answers. Tap into menus of facts, jokes, news, trivia and more as you keep ChaCha users across the country plugged into the information they need. Whether you’re an early bird, mid-day worker or night owl, there’s never a dull moment!

The job requirements of a Vetter are:

  1. Acting as a middleman by editing Gurus'* answers.
  2. Vetting answers by other Guides by checking them, editing them, and then approving.
  3. Reviewing real questions from real customers.
  4. Provide answers to customers.

Being a Vetter means being a lot faster and busier than other Guides.

*Gurus are regular Chacha users who help answer questions.


Step Two: Registering as a Guide

This is a four-step process.

  1. Basic Information: It will ask you the usual questions, require you to make a log-in username and password, and ask you to agree to their terms. Note: You will be signing on as a contractor, which means you will be asked to not put "employee" in your tax papers.
  2. Guide Video: You will be asked to watch a video. It will not let you continue until you have watched it.
  3. Tax Info: This is the iffy part. You will be asked to provide your name as you put it in your tax info and your social security number. Most online employers do this.
  4. Finish. It will take you to or


Step Three: Training & Videos

This part may be a little confusing at first.

When you first log-in at, you will be logged in and then another tab opens automatically to The second tab, Universe, takes you to your profile account for further review and profile editing. For now, let's focus on the Underground page.

The Underground main page is the Guide's console. You can actually re-arrange the boxes in a way that's better for you to view. This is where blog posts from the official Chacha staff is, which is what you need to check often.

Finding your Courses to begin training:

Under the 'My Points' category, click on Noobie. This will take you directly to SearchU page which will direct you to informative videos that begin your training. [Refer to photo below as visual aid].

This will take you to your first quick 10-minute test that involves 20 questions. It's just a quick process to see if you've paid attention to the first page, have any mathematical skills, and can quickly answer basic questions. It's easy, I promise.



Be prepared to spend at least 20 minutes watching these videos. There are three basic courses. The first course includes two videos. The second course includes one video. The third course includes two videos.

Chacha is Friend to the Deaf / HOH:

Here's the amazing part for me, as a hearing impaired individual. The videos were sort of okay. I missed a lot of it, but there are also a lot of visual aids like texts and images that show up. At the end of the last video, there was a mention of transcripts of all of these videos.

So, when you're done watching these videos, go to 'Courses Home' link and click on it. On the left hand side of the page where there is a red column filled with links, look for "My Courses". You will be taken to your completed courses. If you click on any of them and select a video, there will be an option on the right hand side next to the video for a transcription. When you click on that link, you will be taken to a Scribd transcription of the entire video with images included.

This is amazing for deaf and hard of hearing people who want to earn quick cash online. I truly approve of Chacha for offering that opportunity and making it easy for deaf people to understand the training procedure. I can't tell you how much this relieved me. I guess they meant it when they said they were equal opportunity employers.


Step Four: Readiness Test & Final Exam

I'm just getting ready to do this part. You know what that means? That means you'll have to wait for the next hub in the Chacha series. I will be reviewing the test and exam. If I failed it, I will tell you why. If I passed it, same thing plus what it's like to be working as an actual Guide.

From what I understand, the readiness test is a simulated version of what you would actually be doing as a Guide. So, you would get an understanding of what it's like to be a Vetter and how it all looks. Hopefully, when you pass this part, you will be able to master the Final Exam.

We'll see how I do.

Any thoughts, suggestions, and/or questions about being a Vetter?

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