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Success in Your Home-based Business: Smart Market Analysis

Updated on April 19, 2017

Success in operating a home-based business requires an individual to engage in constant market analysis for the sake of staying competitive and increasing in market share. Without a continuous awareness of the ups and downs of your niche market, you will be left behind by your competitors and you will fall out of touch with your customer base.

Therefore, smart market research is imperative if your home-based business is to stay relevant.

When conducting smart market research, you should consider three things: Audience, competition, and product. If you have sufficient knowledge of these marketing elements, the opportunity for success in your home-based business is nearly guaranteed.

Although you may never become filthy rich with a home-based business, you will have an opportunity to reach a level of achievement that you can be proud of.

The Audience

If you are unaware of which audience to target, you will waste both time and money while attempting to sell your products or services to an audience that don’t really need what you are offering. Therefore, you must know who needs or wants your merchandise.

Each year, thousands of home-based businesses fail due to the fact they didn’t do enough research regarding their audience? You should ask several questions:

  • Who is may target audience?
  • What are their wants and needs?
  • Where are they located?
  • How can I reach them?
  • Who do they buy from now?
  • What are their age, class, and income level?

These questions should give you an idea of your target audience and what communication channels you reach the audience and make yourself known to them.

Keeping Up on Your Niche Market

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The Competition

Ignoring the competition is a mistake. Obviously, there is something the competition is doing right in order to grow or maintain a sizable customer base. Therefore, we must research the competition for the sake of moving in alignment with or surpassing them.

Do smart research and find out the number of home-based businesses selling products or services similar to what you are doing. Ask questions:

  • Who is my competition?
  • What are they selling? How much?
  • Who are their customers?
  • What are their prices?
  • How are they marketing their products or services?
  • How can I compete for customers?

The Product

The product or service you are offering must be in demand, obviously. You cannot sell a product nobody wants or needs. Therefore, you must discover how well your target audience will receive your merchandise.

You can get your target audience opinion regarding a product in several ways. For example, you can conduct surveys, give out samplings, test their level of excitement giving out a sample order list etc.

You must student the product of the competition as well. What makes the product so unique that it keeps customers coming back for more. This will give you an idea of how you need to differentiate your product so that it can stand out among others.

The Importance of Self-directed Research

The willingness to conduct self-directed, smart market analysis will give you an opportunity to understand the market and excel beyond the competition.

Since you own a home business, you don’t have the luxury of anyone else doing the research for you. It must be self-directed research. People who find themselves overwhelmed with other things such as hobbies, parenting demands, and other distractions might want to reconsider starting a home-based business.

The smart market analysis doesn’t end with conducting a one- time research project. Research activity should be on-going since modern technology and findings are always enhancing common knowledge and awareness.

If you refuse to conduct self-directed, smart market analysis the competition will outwit you and steal your customers via unique and more advanced products or services.

When you have a full understanding you’re your niche market via smart analysis, you will experience accelerated growth, increased popularity, and improved customer satisfaction.


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