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Supervisor Training - Online Courses

Updated on June 2, 2010

Are leaders born or are they made? You could debate the question for as long as you could debate about that tree falling in the forest but the fact is that leadership is a skill that can be improved upon even by those people who seem to be natural leaders. This is important for business owners to realize because it means that they have the capacity to train their company's supervisors in order to improve their leadership skills. In turn, this improves the overall efficiency of the business. Supervisor training can be done online to assist you in maximizing the time of your employees while giving them the skills they need to be great leaders. And who knows, maybe when you're going through the online courses for supervisor training, you'll learn a few new tricks about leadership yourself!

If you're looking into using online courses for supervisor training, you probably already know that there are a lot of different options out there. Some of the things that you'll want to think about before selecting a training program include:

  • Do you want to run the program yourself or would you like a trainer from the program to assist with it? Alternatively, do you want a supervisor training program that's completed entirely online without the need for someone to run it?
  • What cost are you considering investing in online training courses?
  • How many people in your program can benefit from the online training? Will you need to purchase separate software for each individual or will you be able to use one program to educate everyone? If you have remote offices, will you be able to bring everyone together or will you need a program that can be used from anywhere?
  • What tools are taught by the program? Do they apply to your business? Do you need a program that is more generalized in teaching supervisory skills or one that is more specialized to your business?

If you've thought over the answers to some of these questions, you are probably read to buy your program. Here are some of the places that you might consider checking out if you're looking into online courses for supervisor training:

  • Chart Your Course International ( - This program lets you run the courses yourself, hire a trainer from the company to teach the courses or let your employees go through the training modules on their own. It costs about $5000 for the full kit but you can purchase individual portions if you only need some of the training material.
  • Mines and Associates free course ( - This is just an abbreviated online course for supervisors needing assistance in identifying problems in the work place. If this is your reason for seeking out a training program, you should check this out to see if it covers what you require.
  • TrainUp Courses ( - This set of courses lets you choose from a variety of different specific course materials to create the online training program that best suits your business. Choices include thinking skills, systems management, management videos, and supervisor etiquette. There are instructor-led and e-learning options with this program.

You can choose any program that suits your business. Simply identify what your needs are in using an online supervisor training program and find one that matches those needs. That's what a good leader would think to do!


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