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Tell Me, What's Next-?

Updated on November 4, 2009

According to The Wall Street Journal Obama's Health Care plan, "...Was supposed to be a red-letter week for national health care, as Democrats started the process of hustling a quarter-baked bill through Congress to reorganize one-sixth of the economy on a partisan vote. Instead it was a fiasco.

Most of the devastation was wreaked by the Congressional Budget Office, which on Tuesday reported that draft legislation from the Senate Finance Committee would increase the federal deficit by more than $1.6 trillion over the next decade while only partly denting the population of the uninsured."

The nations oldest financial paper then predicts how this will all turn out: "Capitol Hill's entitlement Democrats are determined too press ahead, despite this cost detour. Still, this week's lesson is that ObamaCare might not be inevitable once Americans figure out the astonishing price tag." WSJ

As the owner of a small employment agency and search firm, we talk to employers 40 hours a day per week. We can tell you with great certainty that if this plan that Barack Obama is attempting to push on the American people goes through it will devastate our nation and could destroy the way of life that we have come to know.

Remember Obama's statement to Joe THe Plumber about "Weath redistribution." This is the ultimate guiding prinicpal of the Obama administration. Let's take from the rich, especially those working to get there and give it to those who aren't, "because that's fair."

Well, here's a life lesson for you...Life Isn't Fair!" This isn't going to make the poor any better off than they already are. We may be about as Athiest as you can get, but the Bible says something interesting in Matthew 26:11, "The poor you will always have with you..." (NIV) THis will not make the poor go away. What it will do is destroy the lives of people that are hanging on to the middle class by a thread.

We see it every day in our search firm. Companies are NOT done scaling back. More layoffs are coming. You put this into it and even more people will be out of work as comapnies lay off and remove names from their rosters so that they can remain profitable. We've read that Obamacare with explode health care costs in the neighborhood that some are saying could send the cost of health insurance under this plan up as much as 300%

Great IDEA... Plus we're going to add, according to the CBO, $1.6 trillion on in debt.

THis is NOT a good time to be an American and hopefully we'll all be able to sit back on this some day and share a chuckle about it. But for right now, these are EXTREMELY dangerous days.

Hopefully someday soon a true Republican leader (are you listening Mike Bloomburg?) will rise up and make a difference.

In the meantime, don't let the idea that this is all going to be free and wondeful. If you think that then you're totally living in the clouds and I'd like to discuss with you some land I own in Florida. Reality is that Americans must stand up and demand reform that doesn't ruin this nation.


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