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The DNA of Success in Careers

Updated on September 18, 2009

If you are an employee, your career prospects depend on not only your skills and efficiency but the relationship you have with others. You need to manage your customer, you need to please your employer, you should maintain good relationship with your peers and subordinates and the list goes on and on.

During the course of managing these people, sometimes, you may have to act in a way unpalatable to some of them. But if situations warrant such behavior, you should not hesitate. It may appear to be a bitter medicine but if you do what you know to be right, it gives you real happiness and not only that, those people will also understand your intentions when exceptional results come the way of your company due to your timely action.

At the same time, you should be mentally prepared for criticisms and should also be ready to welcome suggestions and ideas, which of course, should occupy a prime place in your endeavor to uplift your career prospects.

But how do you build good relationships with people?

The first point to remember is that you should not steam-roll your unilateral decisions on other people who may have a heterogeneous range of strongly-held convictions but it should be done in an imperceptible manner with amiability, patience and a commitment to fair play.

Some people talk about innovation as a necessity to climb the career ladder. But this is a talent that is covered under 'skills' and the emphasis, in the present global scenario, should be on tangible innovations that may strengthen the company to withstand the impact of the economic and political upheavals that take place.

Instead of limiting your work to routine business functions, you have to set your eyes on higher goals and demonstrate your ability to handle situations that arise in a dynamic, competitive environment. You should have the boldness of vision to seize when opportunities present themselves and should not get bogged down due to fear of risks.

Last but not the least, you should be a learner first and learner last and this has a two-fold benefit. One is you are equipped to keep pace with the the all-round progress that is taking place and the second is you do not stagnate and get swept away by the storm of such developments.


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