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The European Business Growth Catalyst: A great opportunity for entrepreneurs

Updated on September 25, 2014

With funding from the European Union, Sheffield University and its partners are offering a unique course to equip entrepreneurs with the skills to improve their business exponentially – free of charge.

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Business oriented University courses give budding entrepreneurs fantastic knowledge of the world of business. However, there is a somewhat disconnect between this academic knowledge, and what is applied in the real world of business. But how could such a disconnect be resolved? The European Union are funding such a solution.

In partnership with the European Commission, the European Business Growth Catalyst (EGBC) combines the talents of SME entrepreneurs with the knowledge of leading business schools like Sheffield University, Esade of Spain and Alba of Greece, to provide a Growth Programme to bestow the skills and knowledge budding entrepreneurs can use to improve their businesses, and grow as leaders. And this course is completely free.

The course promises to help entrepreneurs develop their critical thinking skills, leadership abilities and their change management skills, allowing them to take their businesses to new heights. Also, partakers in the course will have access to online platforms to further their learning, and also gain connections to a vast community of European business owners.

The course will be split into 6 Modules, based on the process of group consultation, rather than traditional learning methods. During the entirety of the course, an online Learning Hub will be opened, to serve as a place to access to further learning materials, and will also provide a means to communicate with other EGBC participants from around Europe.

This whole course is fully funded by the European Union, so therefore participants needn’t pay anything to attend, which is incredible considering what is being provided.

The EBGC programme is running from October 2014, and takes place over a 6 month period, with 1 module delivered each month. More information can be found on the European Center for Business Growth’s website.

About the Author

I'm Lewis, an Internet Marketing Executive with LRS Systems. I spend way too much time on the internet as it is, so this job works well for me, as I can be around something I love to use.

I am personally astounded by the opportunity the EBGC provides, so I just had to write about it! I wonder if any entrepreneurial Hubbers will take up this opportunity...

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    • Lewis Hammond profile image

      Lewis Hammond 3 years ago from England

      What are your thoughts on the EBGC? Are you impressed by this opportunity? Please, discuss!